What does social media have in common with kids? (Part one)

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Content Creation, Marketing Tips, Reflections, Social Media

I am a person who likes consistency. I thrive on a set schedule and rigorous repetition. My husband and I like to joke that if he wants to go out for a beer somewhere for fun, I need at least one week’s notice (but honestly, it’s not really a joke). I am also a new-ish mom; my daughter turns one in April. And I work in the field of marketing. Okay, so what is the point? While adjusting some social media methods recently, I had an epiphany; social media marketing is a lot like the life of an infant/toddler (or raising one). Stick with me here and let me explain…

They are both constantly changing.

One day, Instagram is all about those well-thought out and on-brand images with researched hashtags and the next? You’re having to create reels and learn how to edit team videos together.

One day your infant is sleeping 12 hours overnight and taking perfectly timed naps and the next day they wake up an hour early, setting the whole day on its head.

Either way, you can expect things to change about the time you feel you have finally mastered them. I have noticed that pretty much as soon as I feel confident enough to relax a bit, the algorithm changes and requires me to pivot (Or my child’s sleep schedule changes and requires more coffee).

I mentioned that I thrive on consistency. Consistency is good. It allows us to gain confidence and perfect our methods. It allows us to know what to expect so that we can be prepared rather than caught off guard, but we can also get lazy or complacent in a place of consistency too. We can bet that our audience will notice too.

The world is moving fast and our audience is no exception. People are having a million different things marketed to them each day and they are receiving and interpreting those things in the midst of cultural and societal changes (think worldwide pandemics and movements for justice and equity) as well as personal changes (loss of a loved one, birth of a child, job changes, aging, etc). So, what you say and how you reach people will need to change to meet their needs in each new moment.

If you are a parent, you know that your child is also moving fast; both literally, as they begin crawling or walking and figuratively, as their brains develop and they learn new things. New teeth, new skills learned, and growth spurts can all affect your child’s mood, sleep habits, eating habits, interest in toys or other items, etc. 

If you are in marketing or use social media for your business, you probably also know that marketing trends and strategies are moving just as quickly. New platforms develop and current platforms evolve, meaning that we have to learn to utilize these new spaces. And simultaneously, society is learning and valuing things differently than they did a year ago, so what they need and want from the companies they do business with is also changing. Natural disasters, calls for justice, worldwide pandemics, and everyday life all affect society’s mood, habits, interests and desires too.

Whether you’re a parent, someone marketing your business, or both, change isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s the only constant in life. So grab that extra cup of coffee, and try to keep yourself flexible. And remember, there is something fun in every new season, right? (Even the ones plagued with those pesky sleep regressions). 😆  

Spoiler alert: Sometime in the future we will dive into some tips for dealing with all of this change.

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