Promoting Events on Social Media

by | May 13, 2024 | Social Media

Recently, I had a fantastic chat with Liv and Veo from Overflow After Dark Productions (OAD) about their social media strategy for event promotion. We covered some great tips that can benefit anyone trying to promote events on social media, so I had to share!

Find the right balance.

When it comes to promoting events on social media, finding the right balance between different types of content is key. You want your social media to provide value to your audience but just be a bulletin board for your business. Different types of content could include photos, graphics, Reels, and stories. Try posting some of each and see which one(s) your audience engages with more.

Post more Reels!

Speaking of, Reels are a game-changer when it comes to event promotion. They have a high potential to reach new accounts and are favored by the algorithm. With Instagram’s latest algorithm update, original content reels perform exceptionally well, so try to create behind-the-scenes reels, interviews, or event teasers to capture your audience’s attention.

Nurture your audience.

I have bad news: just posting your event flyer on Instagram is not enough. You need to nurture your audience, not just promote yourself. Engage your audience with behind-the-scenes content, team interviews, and personal invites. Show off what makes your events unique and worth attending. This type of content helps build excitement and anticipation for your events without feeling too salesy.

Plan strategically.

Plan your social media posts strategically, starting from the day ticket sales open to the day of the event. Here are some time-based promotional posts you could create:

  1. Save the DateASAP – Announce the date of your event and encourage people to mark their calendar and/or send to a friend they want to bring with them.
  2. Registration OpenWhen registration opens – Share more details about the event and include a CTA to purchase tickets now.
  3. Last Chance to Register48ish hours before event, or when registration closes – Share excitement about the event and a reminder of how to register.
  4. See you soon!12-24 hours before event – Share excitement about the event, maybe with some behind-the-scenes content. This is a great opportunity to show up on stories!

Of course, you will want to promote your event more than four times on social media. However, these promotional posts should be balanced with nurturing content, as explained above.

Promoting events on social media is more than just posting an event flyer; it’s all about telling a story and inviting your audience to participate. By posting a mix of nurturing and promotional content, you can elevate your event promotion strategy and create a buzz around your next event.

I hope you found these insights helpful! How do you promote your events on social media? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!