A Guide to Social Media Platforms: Where and What to Post

by | May 31, 2024 | Social Media

A new DIY Social Media Club member asked me today, what should I post to each platform? What’s the difference? And let me tell you, I know it’s confusing! Here’s a brief overview to help you understand each different platform, as well as how often to post and engage on that platform based on your goals.

I’ve also laid out some guidelines for what we call “proof of life” social media, as well as how to grow on each platform. Experiment with these guidelines and find that works (and is sustainable!) for you!

Facebook: The Friendly Reunion Spot

Starting with Facebook, many see it as a cozy corner of the internet for friends and family. While it’s not the front-runner for business content visibility due to its algorithm, that doesn’t render it useless for brands. The key lies in leveraging ads for lead generation and offering enticing freebies in exchange for emails. But remember, an active page is crucial to back those ads; a ghost town won’t charm potential customers.

Audience: Friends and family looking to catch up.

Best Practices: While business content might not get much organic reach, it’s still worth posting regularly. Focus on ads for broader visibility and engaging with your audience when they seek you out.

For proof of life: Post 2x/week, engage 5 minutes/week

For noticeable growth: Paid lead-generating ads

Instagram: The Visual Storybook

Instagram adds a splash of glamour to branding. With its visually driven content, businesses find a welcoming stage for engagement, from stunning photos to quick, educational reels. Instagram asks, ‘What can your audience learn from you?’ Be ready to showcase your expertise in captivating, bite-sized pieces.

Audience: A mix of friends, family, and brands.

Best Practices: Share visually appealing photos, graphics, and reels. Educate and entertain your audience, showcasing your expertise in a friendly, approachable way.

For proof of life: Post 2x/week, engage 15 minutes/week

For noticeable growth: Post 2x/day (mix of feed and stories), engage 15+ minutes/day

TikTok: The Creative Playground

TikTok dances to a different tune with its endless content possibilities and a shot at viral fame. This platform emphasizes creativity and a bit of video editing flair. Though viral success is rare and hard-won, TikTok offers every brand, no matter how niche, a space to express itself and connect with others.

Audience: Creative minds looking for fun and informative content.

Best Practices: Dive into video creation with TikTok’s built-in editor. Get creative, share your unique perspective, and aim for that viral spark with engaging content.

For proof of life: Post 1x/week, engage 5 min/week

For noticeable growth: Post 1x/day, engage 5 min/day

Google Business: The Local Map Marker

For those focused on the ‘searchability’ of their business, Google Business is your digital billboard on Google’s highways. Whether it’s ‘catering near me’ or a specific inquiry, a well-maintained Google Business profile helps your business get noticed. Regular updates and eye-catching graphics keep your profile fresh and informative.

Audience: Local customers searching for businesses like yours.

Best Practices: Keep your Google Business profile updated with the latest information and post updates to stay relevant in local search results.

For proof of life: Post 1x/week, respond to every review

For noticeable growth: Major SEO effort! We like Sebo Marketing for SEO work.

Pinterest: The Idea Pinboard

Pinterest serves as the canvas of inspiration, brimming with ideas and how-tos. From teaching how to curate the perfect charcuterie board to blending salty and sweet tastes harmoniously, this platform can amplify your content’s reach, especially when you actively engage by sharing both your own and others’ inspiring posts.

Audience: Users seeking inspiration and ideas.

Best Practices: Pin visually appealing content related to your business, such as how-tos and ideas. Engage with others’ content to grow your presence.

For proof of life: Post 5 pins/week

For noticeable growth: Post 5 pins/day of original content and repost 10+ pins/day from other industry leaders

YouTube: The Video Encyclopedia

YouTube is where depth meets digital, ideal for long-form content that dives deep into topics. Whether you’re explaining complex subjects or sharing detailed how-tos, YouTube is the go-to for audiences hungry for knowledge.

Audience: Viewers seeking in-depth video content.

Best Practices: Create informative, detailed videos that provide value to your audience and establish your expertise in your field.

For proof of life: Just having something on YouTube is enough for proof of life!

For noticeable growth: It’s complicated… We recommend consulting with a video production agency for a dedicated YouTube strategy.

Each platform holds its treasure trove of opportunities, ready to be unlocked with the right strategy. By understanding the unique strengths and audiences of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Business, Pinterest, YouTube, and X, you can tailor your content to resonate deeply with your audience and propel your business into the stratosphere.