10 B-rolls reels you can create right now!

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Content Creation, Social Media

B-roll. It’s so hot right now. Well, in social media circles, it is.

I am guessing you may have heard of it before. But let me give you a quick definition: 

B-roll is supplementary video footage. In general, clips like this are intercut with the main footage (A-roll). In that use, B-roll provides additional context, enhances storytelling, and adds visual interest to videos. Think of it as the supporting footage that helps tell your story in a more engaging and dynamic way. Currently, in social media, B-roll has become a piece of content on its own. 

Now, I know you didn’t open your business to become a content creator and may not have the bandwidth to prioritize shooting videos. So, I am here to help! I have curated a list of 10 prompts with b-roll options you can film for the prompt. 

Please note that these are incredibly general for small businesses or solo businesses. The prompts can be used for text on the video or caption. 

If you need help brainstorming reels specific to your business, schedule a Brainstorming Session with me! 

Prompt: “Why did you decide to own your own business?” 

B-Roll Options:

  • Exterior shot of your business’s location (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Shots of your office setup or a significant location where your business idea was born
  • Clips of your day-to-day

Prompt: “How do you serve your clients?”

B-Roll Options:

  • Shots showcasing you working with a customer/client (this can totally be staged)
  • Shots of you on a call/meeting via phone or computer

Prompt: “Where do you do your best work? Show your audience a photo of your workspace and let them know what you’re working on.”

B-Roll Options: 

  • Wide shots of the interior space, workspaces, or meeting areas
  • Wide shots of your workspace, close-ups of your desk, and the tools you use

Prompt: “What fuels you? Make it as light or as deep as you’d like!”

B-Roll options: 

  • Close-ups of décor and details that inspire you within the workspace
  • Shots of your morning coffee ritual or your favorite snacks. (Coffee and/or nerd clusters DO fuel me most days) 

Prompt: “What are the features of your service and/or product?”

B-Roll Options: 

  • Product-based: Close-ups of products from different angles
  • Service-based: Stage an appointment or record a video with a client’s permission

Prompt: “Share an example of your work ‘in the wild.’”

B-Roll Options: 

  • Product-based: Videos of products being used or demonstrated to people who aren’t you
  • Service-based: Videos of you speaking about your service outside your business

Prompt: “Give people a glimpse of your behind-the-scenes.”

B-Roll Options: 

  • Footage of employees at work, natural interactions, candid moments
  • Clips of you prepping to perform a session/service

Prompt: “Do you have a dog or cat who keeps you company while you work? 

B-Roll Options: 

  • Footage of your at-home fur workers and office pets, if allowed
  • Footage of your plants (they provide comfort, too!) 😉 

Prompt: “How do you set up your day for success?”

B-Roll Options: 

  • Exterior shots of the business, employees arriving, and setting up for the day
  • Shots of your morning routine at home or at work

Prompt: “What industry tip could you share with your audience?”

B-Roll Options: 

  • A Clip of you demonstrating the tip, with close-ups of the process
  • Close-ups of your essential tools or services in action

5 Quick Tips for Filming B-Roll on a Phone

Stabilize Your Shots 

Use a tripod or stable surface to keep your phone steady. 

Focus and Exposure Lock

Tap on the screen to lock focus and exposure. This prevents the camera from constantly adjusting and ensures your subject remains in sharp focus with consistent lighting.

Use Natural Light

Position yourself so the light source is behind the camera for well-lit, evenly exposed footage.

Shoot from Multiple Angles

Capture the same scene from various angles and perspectives. This gives you more options during editing.

Clean Your Lens

Before you start filming, make sure the lens of your phone camera is clean to avoid blurry footage. NO ONE wants to reshoot because of fingerprints on a lens. 

Repurposing your B-roll footage:

If you took the time to create the content, you should use it more than once. Here are a few ways that you can repurpose content. Keep in mind that you can repurpose the captions and concepts, too! 

  • Take photos as you film, or pull stills from the footage for feed posts!
  • Carousel posts: When you nativly post on IG, you can upload videos as slides in a carousel post! 
  • Individual Instagram Stories. This is a great time time try out engaging stickers like questions, polls, and “Add yours” templates.

I hope these inspire you to create your own content! When you do, I would LOVE to see it! Send it my way so I can cheer you on!