Three Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Strategy

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Miscellaneous

Are you feeling like your social media strategy is all over the place and could benefit from some “spring cleaning,” but maybe you don’t know where to start? 

At Stratos, we understand that you may not have the bandwidth to spend a lot of time on your social media, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be strategic about the time and effort you do have. 

Here are a few actionable tips you can use to declutter your content strategy. 

Are you posting on every social media channel? 

Identify the top two or three social media platforms where your target audience is most active. There is no reason to spread yourself too thin trying to be everywhere at once. If you have the ability, you can edit content for specific channels. Prioritize your efforts where they’ll have the most impact.

Not sure what is working right now?

Do a mini audit of your current content. Identify your top-performing posts and explore why they resonate with your audience. Use this insight to inform your future content strategy. Pro tip: Look at saves and comments! Repurpose saved content and create new content using your audience’s comments/questions.

Feeling overwhelmed with content?

Use a content calendar. Create a simple content calendar outlining your upcoming posts. You can commit to any amount of time that serves you! Don’t overcomplicate it—just jot down the basic details like the date, platform, type of content, and any relevant hashtags or links you want to include. Then, you can plug those items in when you sit down to create content.

Most importantly…

Don’t feel like you need to have everything figured out from the get-go. Start small, experiment with different types of content and strategies, and see what works best for your business. Remember, progress is better than perfection. Take it one step at a time and keep it manageable and actionable.

If you are ready to outsource, we are here to help! We have various resources that you can use at any step of the way! Register for a Brainstorm Session, join our DIY Club, or request an appointment for our services.