What Being a Mom Taught me About Reaching Your Audience Online

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Reflections, Strategic Planning

Honestly, I have never paid much attention to advertisements or marketing. I just took for granted what appealed to me and didn’t really think twice. After joining the Stratos team I occasionally spent more time considering, but still didn’t really understand. After becoming a mom I started paying better attention for some reason. Maybe it’s because I have less time these days, so I try to prioritize what I give my time to. I scroll Facebook less often, read few advertisements, and remember fewer commercials. I’ve been reflecting lately on just what gets my attention. I’m sure I always gave priority to certain things; specific online advertisements, facebook posts and commercials. I just never understood or tried to understand why. Now that my time feels a little more precious, I find myself reflecting what it takes to really reach someone in a day and age where we are being bombarded with information.

  1. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Focus on your key audience, and make them feel like they belong. You aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. So don’t try to be. It’s a waste of your time and energy to market to everyone. It’s also ingenuine, and a disservice to your true audience. Figure out who your audience is and make them feel important. When you pay attention to your audience, it can even make them feel like they are on the inside, and who doesn’t want to feel like part of the club?

As a new mom (especially one living through a pandemic), life can feel sort of isolating. I also work from home, meaning that sometimes I don’t leave the house for days at a time (a trip to the mailbox is an adventure for me some days!) Feeling like I am part of something bigger than myself helps me feel connected. One of my favorite clothing brands is a women’s athleisure brand, Senita. I was first introduced to the clothing by another pregnant mom friend, when I too was expecting. I was in the market for some maternity clothing and she turned me on to their maternity yoga pants. Senita athletics does a great job of appealing to their audience and making them feel like they are on the inside.

  1. Repetition is key. People are busy, and they won’t remember everything you have told them. (Even your key audience). It’s okay to repeat the information you give, just make sure you don’t use the same exact wording, in the same exact format, three days in a row (i.e. don’t send the same email three days in a row). Recycling content is actually a good idea! Reuse a general idea and just format it with adjusted wording and new graphics. Less work for you (you don’t have to write a whole new idea) but also key to having an audience that both understands and remembers you. Help your audience remember what you want them to know!

“Mom brain” is real, but honestly, we are all just busy and have one million things on our minds. So I’m willing to bet that repetition is helpful for ALL of us.Often times, I see an advertisement for something that interests me and I don’t have time to write it down. I usually find myself scrolling an hour or two later while my daughter is napping, hoping that I’ll see that product I wanted, advertised again. That is EXACTLY what happened with these teething tubes! They caught my eye while I was caring for my daughter time after time. Teething Tubes’ IG feed is post after post of real parents offering photos of their children using the tubes, with real reviews from their parents. I was always busy with my daughter when I saw the ads on IG  so I could never make the purchase. But, the repetitive posts had caught my attention and stuck with me because at a later date I found myself scrolling through Instagram desperately trying to find the teether product that had caught my eye so many times. I put in a ton of effort to find this product, so it evidently stuck with me.

  1. Help them relate. Once you have your audience narrowed down, this is easier. Because you can’t relate to everyone, right? Relatability draws people in. If someone feels like you understand them, like you are speaking directly to them, it will make them feel heard. Do you understand them? Tell them that.

Motherhood is wonderful, but again, it can feel a little bit isolating (especially during a pandemic!) On the flip side, when you feel like someone understands you, it can really move you forward in connecting with and remembering a company or a product. BEIS is a company that started out making products that weren’t geared towards parents, but the founder was a new mother. Eventually the company started creating diaper bags, organizers, changing pad clutches, etc. While the products intrigued me, I kind of passed them by because they didn’t feel marketed towards me. But recently? They had real parents on their IG, talking about each of the products and showing how they use them. And now? I’m hooked. One specific product is a bag insert that helps parents organize things for their children inside of another bag. The mom in this video talked about organizing things for each of her kids inside of her work bag, and the ease of being able to find a snack for them while driving. I NEED THIS BAG. At first, BEIS didn’t market very well to me, but utilizing real parents who could speak to my wants and desires, helped me relate to the user and see myself using the product.

Like I said, I know that specific products have been catching my attention for my entire life, I just wasn’t paying attention  before. Now that my time is a little bit less free, and I find myself needing to prioritize a little bit differently, I am paying attention to what catches my eye and why. Becoming a mom has wiped my brain power in some respects, but it has also led me to become more attentive in other respects. I hope that my newly found observation helps you in your marketing efforts.