Three Ways You Can Use StoryBrand Strategically in Your Marketing (Other Than in Your Copy)

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Marketing Tips, StoryBrand

Sometimes, people think the StoryBrand framework only applies to the copy of websites and emails. In reality, it’s a tool you can use to strategically align any area of your business and marketing. 

Here are three other ways you can use the StoryBrand framework without a complete copy overhaul.*

Think of yourself and your company as the guide – never the hero. 

This alone has changed people’s companies. Even if you don’t change your website or marketing materials, networking and speaking with people as their guide will make your work will flourish. Your customers want to be the heroes of their own stories, and they’re looking for guides to get them to their successes. If you position yourself as the guide, rather than the hero, they’ll be more likely to listen to you.

Use your messaging everywhere. 

Use your one-liner on your business card. Make a tagline with a piece of your brandscript. Use your Call to Action as your email signature. Your audience needs to hear things multiple times before they take action. By using your messaging everywhere, you’ll be reinforcing how you can solve your customers’ problems and lead them to experiencing success. 

Document your customers’ stories of transformation. 

As you collect testimonials and case studies, use the StoryBrand framework to guide your questions. Find out what their problem was when they came to you. Ask them what success they are experiencing now. Document how you guided them through the process. Once again, when you share these, you’ll be reinforcing your core messages. Better yet, you’ll be armed with words from real-world clients that you can adjust your messaging with!

Even small changes like these can make a difference. 

By positioning yourself as the guide and repeating your core messages, you’ll become the go-to expert in your industry. People will remember what you do and how you made them feel – like the heroes of their own stories. When they’re ready to work with you, they’ll be sure to come back! 

*We 100% recommend a complete copy overhaul on your website and in your content marketing if it’s not aligned with your StoryBrand messaging. These are just some other simple ideas you can use too. Copywriter friends, don’t come after me. 😀

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