Three Books I’m Loving Right Now

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Strategic Planning

I stopped reading for 3 years after college. After spending hours in textbooks, I just couldn’t pick up a book without falling asleep.

While I have started reading books again, I do sometimes fall asleep while reading. But three of my favorite recent reads are:

The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi

The Lazy Genius Way was recommended to me by my good friend Katie Lantukh. I devoured it within 3-4 days and then talked about it with EVERYONE in my life for 3-4 weeks. It’s all about determining what matters in your life (both home and work) and letting go of being perfect at everything. It’s a MUST read – especially for female entrepreneurs figuring out how to live a life well while balancing all the demands.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

They Ask, You Answer is my new favorite marketing book. My biz coach Chris Rudolph recommended that I read it. THE RESULT: I have a page full of 1 million content ideas I want to produce. Ultimately, I appreciate Sheridan’s approach of being a guide to his prospective customers. IYKYK.

The Emperors of Chocolate by Joel Glenn Brenner

Each night as I read through the Emperors of Chocolate, I’d poke my husband awake to tell him the newest quirky fact I’d learned about the Hershey and Mars feud. One of us was more amused than the other 😂. I love reading stories of business leaders, their successes, and mistakes. Plus, now I can tell you which chocolate products belong to which brand…clearly info that will get me far in life.

What are some of your favorite recent reads? 

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