Resources to Help Unveil The Power of Pinterest

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Content Creation, Lead Generation, Marketing Tips, Strategic Planning

If you’re like me you probably started using Pinterest in order to save a hundred different recipes (that you likely never even cooked) or daydream about the way your future house might look. I even had a board full of cute animals, like teacup pigs and kittens…because, why not?

Fast forward to the present time. Pinterest is actually a useful tool for your business. Did you know that it is used as a search engine? People go to Pinterest looking for resources, and your business can be that resource!

I’m no Pinterest guru, but there are plenty of those people out there. So when starting to use Pinterest in a more intentional way, I was deeply thankful for the people who are experts when it comes to this app. I’m here to share some of the top Pinterest resources with you.

1. Jenna Kutcher describes herself as an “Educator, Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Hype-woman, Overachiever, Mama and BFF who brings the good snacks” (I relate to being the mom and friend who brings the good/any snacks, anyone else?). Jenna has a lot of knowledge, but I’ve been caught up in her Pinterest skills. She hosts webinars and writes blogs about how to maximize Pinterest for your business. She even breaks it down into how many times to post and what type of content to post based on your specific business! 

2. Post Planner is a company that provides social media tools. They also run a blog. One of their blog entries breaks Pinterest down in an easy-to-understand and approachable way. After Jenna Kutcher’s information sent my mind reeling (in a good way) it was nice to find something a little more condensed. Though this article is a bit older, the content is still very relevant and applicable. I appreciate how they numerically break down each step and explain its importance. They even explain some of the Pinterest terminology in case you’re unfamiliar.

3. Business News Daily also offered an article on Pinterest specifically for businesses. This article is a little newer. It has some of the same information as the blog above, but where the blog above is shorter and sweeter, I appreciated this article’s deeper details. For example, it gives you a longer list of Pinterest terminology and also dives deeper into each topic. This article gave me insight into group boards and offers additional links for more information on each topic.

Pinterest isn’t just for those “someday I will cook this” recipes or daydream interior designs anymore; it can seriously take your business to the next level. 

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