How to say what you do without losing people’s attention

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Marketing Tips, StoryBrand

Have you ever been at a networking event where you zone out while the other person is talking? I’m talking full-on “I-have-no-idea-what-this-person-has-been-saying-or-what-we’re-talking-about-anymore.”

To be quite honest, it happens to me more than I’d like to admit. But after I learned about the StoryBrand framework, I understand why it happens. 

When we connect with someone new, we are unconsciously wondering how a relationship with them will get us further along in life. Whether knowingly or not, we are always looking to build relationships with people who will make us a better person. We may pick friends because they make us laugh and bring us more joy. We may pick teachers who will help us learn the skills we need. We may pick spouses who will help us build the family we want. 

When we meet someone at a networking event, we are listening to how their product or service might improve our lives. If that person is not clear about how we might benefit, we will begin to zone out!

So how do we avoid the glazed eyes when we’re introducing ourselves? 

First, start with the problem your business solves. What problems do your customers face that relate to your services or product? This will serve as a hook. If the person you’re talking to can identify with the problem (or if they know someone who can), you’ll engage them immediately!

Second, offer the solution you provide. How do you solve the problem? Make it clear and concise. You don’t have to talk about every solution you offer. Give them enough that they’ll ask to know more. 

Third, identify the success of your customer’s experience. How does your service or product make someone’s life better? This is key. People want to know if your service or product works and what they might experience if they work with you. 

These three steps should take no more than a minute. This is not a long-winded answer!

Ultimately, the goal is to give the person you’re speaking with enough information and allow them to ask more questions. If you can engage them by showing how your work will make their life better, you won’t have to worry about losing people’s attention again!