How Lead Generation Is like a Gumball Machine

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Lead Generation

Remember those candy dispensers at the mall that you could put a quarter in, twist the dial, and get candy? Side note: I always opted for the Runts candy… and would throw away the banana candies because who likes banana-flavored anything?! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Anyway, that’s the image I like to use when talking with our clients about lead generation. You put money in and get new leads out. How many? That depends on your lead generator and audience, but after a month or two, we can figure out how much an email for a new lead will cost you. Some of our clients can get new leads for less than a dollar. Others can cost somewhere between $3-5.

This is why we created our lead generation machine—so our clients could know how much a lead would cost them and then be able to reverse engineer the process.

If you think about Facebook and Instagram’s targeting as a consumer, you might get a little creeped out by how much the social platforms know about you. But on the flip side, for better or worse, you’ll be served ads for relatable things rather than things that have nothing to do with you!

Plus, as business owners, we can use those targeting features to find our ideal customers so we can serve them. One of our clients works with female physicians interested in interior design who want beautiful homes. Think about the specificity of that audience! I’m happy to report our lead gen machine has worked for this business (and many others).

I’ll be honest. The machine doesn’t work for all businesses, which is why we look at your lead generator and the targeting options before we get started so we can set your business up for success.

If you are wondering whether this might be a good option for your business, set up a free consultation with me.

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Julia Block is the CEO of Stratos Creative Marketing, helping business owners make sure their marketing strategies all work together to produce results and revenue.


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