How did StoryBrand make me eat a whole pizza🍕? Julia’s SB Journey

by | Aug 27, 2022 | StoryBrand

If you have been here for a while, you know we LOVE the StoryBrand Framework and that I am a StoryBrand Guide. Maybe you recently listened to my podcast episode about it…DO NOT MIND THE PODCAST PLUG 🤣.

OK, about to my StoryBrand Journey…

For me, it’s fun to look back and see all that has changed in my life, both personally and professionally since I started my business and became a certified SB Guide. ICYMI, here is a little walk down my SB memory lane:

January 2018 – I started freelancing as a social media manager and web designer.

April 2018 – I discovered Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller through a book club. Everyone took 6 weeks to read the book while I inhaled it in a week.

November 2018 – A small-town Wisconsin non-profit asked me to help with their end-of-year fundraising. Their goal was $10,000. After implementing the SB framework into their social media messaging, we raised nearly $20,000!

January 2019 – I felt like an imposter amidst my marketing colleagues and had wrestled with whether I should return to school and get a Master’s Degree. Instead, I invested my savings into becoming StoryBrand certified. I figured… worst case scenario, I’d learn something new and get a Master’s later. If it had doubled my client’s fundraising capabilities, it probably would work for others too.

February 2019 – I went to Nashville for a week. By the third day, my brain was so tired from the massive information overload. I went back to my Airbnb, ate a whole pizza by myself while watching Netflix, and went to bed by 7:30 pm.

Present Day: I’m heading into my 4th year as a StoryBrand Guide and am grateful to have learned about the framework when I did. We have implemented it in our business and in our client’s businesses with great success:

By using clear messaging, we have clients whose calendars are booked solid with $350/hr services. Other clients saw their business grow by 30% during the pandemic. Others have been able to align their website, social media, and emails so their customers see the same messages over and over. A favorite client of mine is no longer embarrassed by his website because it finally communicates what he always wanted it to say.

Now, I want to help you grow your business. While we can’t travel to Nashville and eat pizza 🍕 together, there are livestreams that you can join me for. Learn more and register here.

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