Five Reasons Why a Well Designed Brand is a Must for Your Business

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Design, Marketing Tips

1. Makes It Professional

I heard a quote a few years back and I absolutely loved it. It was along the lines of “just because your business is new, doesn’t mean your branding has to reflect that.” And I just thought that that was spot on because you may be new at running a business, but your branding doesn’t have to reflect that. 

With a well designed brand, your business will look clean, inviting, appealing, and intentional – something that current and potential clients will be drawn to. 

2. Builds Trust

When you have a well designed brand, it builds trust with your clients and potential clients. Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I going to build my client’s trust enough for them to want to invest their time and money into my product or service?” One of the ways is through well-designed branding! 

Your brand sets a visual tone that invites your ideal clients to want to know more about you and your business. When you pour the time, effort, intentionality, and care into your brand, your customers are going to notice that and understand that your business is something you truly have a passion for and that you want to serve your clients well.

3. Creates Consistency

One of the most crucial parts of creating a successful and streamlined brand is consistency. When your branding elements, such as your logo, patterns, fonts, colors, and imagery are created, using these elements over and over again in your marketing materials, on your website, and on your socials will start to create consistency and recognition!

4. Generates Recognition

One of the best compliments for your brand is, “I didn’t even see your logo on it but I knew it was yours!” When you have great branding, your customers and potential customers will know when something they see, such as a social media post or product, came from your business because of the branding.

Let’s look at Chipotle, for example (because they have amazing branding and equally amazing burritos). If you see a foil-wrapped burrito in a brown bag with fun illustrations on it, Chipotle is probably one of the first places that crosses your mind. No need to see their logo, thanks to the supporting branding elements. The foil-wrapped burrito & brown bag with fun illustrations is enough for you to know where it came from. 

As a designer specializing in Branding, that is what I strive for! I want your brand to be so unique and creative in its own way that your clients can recognize your brand anywhere. 

5. Keeps it Simple

Have you ever hit the following problem before? You sit down and are ready to create your newest marketing materials. Exciting, right?! It may be a flyer, social media image, or business cards. Then you realize when you start creating them you don’t even know where to start. What fonts do I use? What type of images should I choose? Colors?! There are so many to choose from! You then become engulfed in frustration and uncertainty. Does that sound familiar? I know I used to experience that!

This problem will disappear with a well-designed brand. When your business is built on a well-designed brand, the decisions of what colors or fonts to use, which images to choose, all of that becomes, believe it or not, kind of fun! Why? Because all of those choices have already been strategically, intentionally, and professionally made and chosen for you and you get to do the fun part of confidently putting them all together to create an awesome marketing piece for your business! After being branded, a brand guide is created, guiding you on exactly what fonts, colors, type of imagery, and patterns for you to use for your new, awesome, marketing materials and on your website! No more hassle! No more distractions!