A Targeted Ad That Led Me to My Pet Moss

by | May 2, 2023 | Lead Generation, Reflections

Right before Christmas, I saw an ad on Instagram for a company called Moss Amigos. The image featured a few glass jars, each with one green ball of moss floating in the water and wearing a hat.  I knew instantly that I had to check it out, so I headed over to their Instagram channel and began to look up their posts. That was all it took, and I was sold. I instantly turned to my husband and said. “Hey, can we get one of these!?”  I think he stopped himself from rolling his eyes. I also took a screenshot of the posts and sent them to some of my friends, as well as my coworkers here at Stratos. 

You see, the Stratos team had just finished recording a podcast episode where we highlighted an item on our Christmas lists that we had seen an ad for. When I sent the screenshot to my coworkers, I said to them, “I need one of these, and I need to re-record my Christmas episode.” From then on, I followed Moss Amigos’ social media channels and looked at their website frequently. My love for the pet mosses grew as I saw their user-generated content; proud moss parents posted images of their little moss guys and gals. I couldn’t wait to add a moss to our family tree! I couldn’t fathom buying a moss until I had chosen a name, and once my husband agreed on one of my many ideas, because “it’s a family moss,” I ordered ours right away.

Our newest family member.

Fast forward to today, and now we are proud parents of Bob Moss, the Moss Amigo. *Note, If you’re still curious about what Moss Amigos are, I suggest you head over to their website or their social media channels. But I can tell you that the best explanation I’ve heard so far came from my husband, who said, “They are this generation’s pet rock.” And he’s not wrong. 

I never thought I would be writing a blog about targeted ads and pet moss, but here I am. I later found out that Moss Amigos is located in California, which is nowhere near my home in Illinois. I also don’t spend time in plant shops or researching plants because, honestly, I’m not good at keeping them alive. So I wasn’t likely to be someone who followed or purchased from Moss Amigos…enter marketing. In the wacky world of marketing, I’ve learned that a good strategy can sell almost anything. Targeted marketing can be a key piece of reaching your ideal audience, just like Moss Amigos was able to reach me.

Now, some of you might be rolling your eyes at me right now. But some of you might be thinking, “I want a pet moss.” And I would say, “Yes. Yes, you do.” I’m happy to have introduced you to your future family member.

Website: https://mossamigos.com/ 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/moss_amigos/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mossamigos/