3 Reasons Ads Are Perfect for Lead Generation

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Lead Generation

I wish it wasn’t true, but having a consistent social media presence doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive steady, quality traffic to your website. If the only place people can find your lead generator is on your website, this is a problem.

Over the past few years, we’ve started implementing lead-generating ads on Facebook and Instagram for our clients. They’ve become a perfect way to build an email list and, let’s be honest, if you’ve followed any marketing guru in the last decade, that’s what they’ve been telling us to do!

(PS. They’re not wrong. Email lists are more reliable and usually convert people better than other marketing avenues!)


Organic posts are really only seen by those who are already in your network: your followers and their followers if they share your post. The only exception is if people search for content via hashtags or keywords. When you use the targeting tools Meta provides, you can fine-tune the audience you want to see your content. You can target people based on interests, location, demographics, and more! There’s no reason you can’t put your lead generator in front of the people who would download it.

Clear Call to Action (and they get something out of it)

There are very few other places where your call to action is clearer than in your ads, especially if they’re lead-generating ads. Sign up. Download. Get a free resource. You can pepper it into the graphics and the ad copy. The best part about this CTA? Your audience is more likely to respond because they get something out of it. You’re clear on what you want them to do; they’re clear on what they get out of it. It’s a great way to start a relationship!

Capturing emails to continue them down the sale journey

And that’s exactly what this is: a relationship. Now that you have their email, you can nurture them by giving them tips and resources that position you as the expert. They will move from being curious about your lead generator in the ads to being enlightened about your work and services. And when you’re ready, you can invite them to take the leap into working with you or buying from you.

There are probably a million ad strategies, but I might be partial to this one because of its relational aspect. You can intentionally find the right people and invite them to take that first step of downloading your lead generator. From there, you nurture them. You’re not asking for a quick sale; you’re focusing on how you can solve their problem.