Who should my business follow on Instagram?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Social Media

Whether you’re starting an Instagram account from scratch or trying to build an existing brand, who you follow is crucial. When I was a marketing director for churches and non-profits, this was always where I got stuck: What accounts should I follow?

1. Direct competitors

How to find them:

Search Instagram, Yelp, or Google for other businesses like yours.

2. Customers: past, current, and ideal

How to find them:

Encourage current customers to connect with you on Instagram, and be sure to follow them back! You can also follow your most engaged followers; these are the people who like and comment on every post you make.

3. Inspiration

Your Instagram feed is a great place to find inspiration for your next post. Following accounts that inspire you will help make scrolling fun and fueling!

How to find them:

Head to the Explore page and start scrolling. When you find a post you like, check out the account. If it inspires you, be sure to follow!

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