What do Stratos and Spider-Man Have in Common?

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Content Creation

What do content repurposing and Marvel have in common? Kat spoke about this on a recent Marketing in the Wild podcast! You can listen to the episode here.

What is Repurposing?

Repurposing is taking the same concept, revamping it, revitalizing it, and reimagining it. You’re taking something you’ve already made and making it new again. Comic books have been doing this for ages. They’ll write ten volumes about the same character, and then they’ll kill off the character and they’ll start all over again. For example, there are a million different Spidermen:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Toby McGuire Spider-Man
  • The Avengers Spider-Man
  • Into the Spiderverse

Another example of this, also in the comic book sphere, is the Avengers. They keep picking one character out of it and giving them a spin-off movie or TV show, like Loki or Wandavision.

Content repurposing is really similar to this. Basically, we’re taking one idea and we’re turning it into lots of different content. So maybe social media posts, a blog post, a press release, different reels for Instagram, emails, or video series. The list goes on and on and on.

Stratos: A Well-Oiled Repurposing Machine

Repurposing content means you always have ideas to pull from. You don’t need to start from scratch every week. At Stratos, we plan out our general marketing strategy for each quarter by starting with a theme. Maybe it’s a service we really want to focus on selling, or maybe it’s a broader content bucket that customers have been asking for. Another option might be pieces of content that are timely or seasonal.

Next, we start generating content ideas. Whenever we have an idea, we add it to our to-do lists. These are typically long-form content ideas, including blog posts, a podcast episode, sometimes even a really well-written email, or a lead generator. Basically, the longer your content, the more you’ll have to work with.

Once these long-form content pieces are created, that’s where the magic happens. We take our long-form content and see what we can create out of it: an email, a carousel post for social media, a static social media post, a reel, a pin on Pinterest, etc. This is exactly like Marvel saying, “We’re going to make a movie about the Avengers and make nine different movies about each individual character.” We are creating something big, then picking out pieces to focus on. We are repurposing them to create more content based on that original idea.

Repurposing in Practice

It might not make sense for every long-form content piece to be broken down into all the different types of smaller content pieces we listed above, and that’s okay. It’s also not always as simple as copy and pasting. But repurposing content makes it a lot easier for you to turn one piece of content into at least a week’s worth of content. And if you’re not posting every single day of the week (which we don’t), then you could even get two or three weeks’ worth of content out of one idea. That is amazing.

If you are interested in learning about how to repurpose, seeing examples of repurposing, and actually putting it into practice, we’d love for you to join our next Content Repurposing workshop. Be sure to go to www.stratoscreativemarketing.com/workshops to sign up for our next one! We can’t wait to see you there so that we can help you come up with ways to repurpose your own content.