Three things you need to stop doing in your social media content

by | Dec 6, 2023 | DIY Social Media Club, Social Media

We’re all trying our best to stay on top of social media by creating habits. But let’s be real – not every habit we try is a winning one. Today, we’re talking about three things you might want to ditch from your social media strategy, from blindly chasing trends to relying too much on AI and the whole “lone wolf” content creation thing – we’re breaking it down. 

Stop creating content for every trend, hoping to go viral.

There are many reasons to try trends on social media. They can be easy to plug in content, feel relevant, or inspire you to create content when you don’t have your own ideas. But you should never create trending content hoping to go viral.

If your posts happen to go viral, it may help you grow your followers, but not customers. I get it; everyone loves to see their follower’s numbers move up. If those new followers are just there because you happened to use a Kardashian sound bite at the perfect time, it may not help you grow your business. 

Stop using AI to write all your content.

Trust me, I LOVE using AI to support my brainstorming. Even I run out of ideas. 

Using AI to crank out content for the sake of getting something up online that sounds more like a robot than a real person is not the way to go. Using AI as a tool is excellent. One reason why I recently used it was to create a list of open-ended discussion questions that I could use to create content for a client. The list of questions helped me to think of the client’s services in a different way and get into the heads of their ideal customers on another level.

Stop creating social media content by yourself.

When you are running your own business, you may feel like you are the only person who knows your business as well as you do. Paying for a social agency can be pricey. 

Our DIY Social Media Club allows you to create your own content with support from our team. With the DIY Social Media Club, you can be confident that your questions will be answered. We share all our tips and tricks and guide you to create social content that resonates with your audience!

As an agency that creates content for clients, we get it. Trends are tempting, AI is cool, and doing it all yourself feels like a budget-friendly move. But here’s the deal – there’s a sweet spot for everything. Trends can be fun, but real growth needs a personal touch. AI is a great sidekick, not the star of the show. And guess what? You don’t have to go solo! Our DIY Social Media Club and Toolkits are here to make sure you’re nailing your content without the stress.