The Formula to Our Lead Gen Machine

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Lead Generation

The pursuit of effective lead generation can be a complex and challenging process, especially because there are so many methodologies out there. But at Stratos, our team has cracked the code and developed an amazing lead generation machine that has helped us and our clients supercharge our growth and our sales.

Why We Created Our Lead-Generating Formula

When we first started working with clients, this is what we saw:

  • Some clients had thousands of followers on social media, but engagement was lacking.
  • Other clients had a massive email list, but no one ever followed up on their emails.
  • There were also clients who had impressive open rates, but they weren’t seeing the sales they deserved.

So, we dug deeper to uncover the missing puzzle pieces. 

Marketing is Needy

If you haven’t already noticed, marketing is a bit needy, and there are two main components to consider: your brand’s presence and its growth. When it comes to establishing your presence, it’s important to have clear messaging and visual branding, a website, social media accounts, and perhaps an email marketing list. But to grow, you’ll want to consider implementing a lead generator, ads, SEO, social media promotions, or sales emails.

So the question is, do you still need to establish your presence, or are you ready to start growing your brand? Once you understand what your goal is, you can then break down your marketing journey into three categories: attracting new leads, nurturing your existing customers, and selling to your captive audience. 

Different Approaches to Attract, Nurture, and Sell

Here’s where the fun begins! The audiences whom you are attracting, nurturing, and selling to are going to be different from each other. The audience you want to attract is likely people who don’t know you that well, or even at all. The audience you want to nurture is those who already know you and understand your brand. And the people you sell to are the ones who just need a little direction to pay for your products or services. 

Not sure exactly how to reach your audience? Here are some ideas: 

Our Lead Generating Machine

At Stratos, we’ve created our own lead-generating machine by choosing what works best for us to attract, nurture, and sell to our customers (and our clients’ customers!). It looks a little something like this:

We’re proud to say we’ve perfected this down to a science, but as we’ve mentioned, there’s more than one way to find success. That’s the beauty of marketing, especially if you’re still doing it on your own—it’s all about finding what works for you. Keep experimenting, tweaking, and perfecting your lead generation strategies. Before you know it, you’ll generate a steady stream of high-quality leads and achieve remarkable business growth. And if you need a little support? Well, our team is here for you! Either way, let’s make your success story happen.