Four Simple Emails You Can Send This Week

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Content Creation, Email Marketing, Marketing Tips

BE HONEST. Have you dropped into the inboxes of your audience recently?

If you haven’t, I have four ideas to get you started on an email you can send this week! Check them out after the GIF…

Share a life update. 

Share something happening in your life or business that you think your audience should know. Let them peek behind the curtain and get to know you a little more.

Send a “Save the Date” for an event you’re planning.

Even if the actual event isn’t fully developed yet, announcing it can help you with planning the material.


Maybe you found an interesting article that you know your audience will love. Write about why they would love it, and share the link.

Share a tip that could help your audience right now.

Show up as an expert when they need it most, and they will remember to work with you.

Still don’t have the time to write these emails? Offload your email marketing to us. Request an appointment to get started.

Sending you productive email vibes,
Ryann + the Stratos team

We are working on planning our next Brunch and Learn 🍳📝 about email marketing, and want to hear from you. What questions do you have about email marketing? Comment below and we can work them into our presentation!