Celebrating Social Media Holidays… yes or no?

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Content Creation, Marketing Tips, Social Media

We all know that creating content for your business social media can feel overwhelming. When you add in all the National Holidays and Social Media holidays, prepping your social media calendar can feel daunting. Every week there is another one (or three) and you may feel like there are too many to handle.

We are here to remind you to not get bogged down in the social media downward spiral of “not doing enough.” These holidays CAN be useful and FUN to create content for. For instance, did you know 4/16 is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day? WE DO AND WE WILL POST ABOUT IT! (As remote workers, we can appreciate that one…and celebrate it, more on that later.)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our clients have been asking us how they should celebrate certain types of holidays on social media. Here are a few tips that may guide you to what holidays should feel #onbrand for you.

#1 Not every Holiday needs to be celebrated. Be authentic to your brand.

Only choose to “celebrate” or post about National or Social Media holidays that apply to your business. National Pizza Day (just a few days ago on February 9th) may not apply to your brand. If you cannot find a clear way to align the social media holiday with your brand, don’t use it. There will be others that match your business perfectly! 

#2 If you choose to celebrate, tie it into something you are doing currently or a promotion. 

If you already have a current promotion going, use the holiday to bring a little more attention to it or you can use it as a launching point to secure new clients, with an enticing special — as long as it aligns with your brand and marketing plan.

#3 Make Hashtags work for you

Then use hashtags to increase the searchability of the content on Instagram can bring you more leads. That being said, you’ll want to be specific so your post doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. For example, #ValentinesDay may be too broad for your audience to find you. Pull in a more specific tag for your location or services

Friday is Valentine’s day, Have you created your content yet? 

Valentine’s day isn’t only for couples. Perhaps you can provide Valentine’s experience or even our personal favorite “Galentines”! We understand that not everyone is a typical Valentine’s business. You may not be a service provider, restaurant or jeweler that can do a “Date Night.” You can share your love of your clients or employees or perhaps tie your post back to your mission and why you LOVE what you do.

As you prepare a Valentine’s Day post, consider using this prompt and these hashtags!

CLIENT BASED: “We absolutely love and are grateful for our clients!” We adore you because [INSERT WHY YOU LOVE YOUR CLIENTS]

PROMO BASED: “This Valentine’s today, we want to #sharethelove and offer you something very special [INSERT INFO ON YOUR CURRENT PROMOTION]

MISSION BASED: “Not only today but every day we love [INSERT INFO ABOUT YOUR MISSION]”

HASHTAGS: #ValentinesDay2020 or #sharethelove2020 #ValentinesDay [INSERT YOUR LOCATION HASHTAG]

We can’t wait to see you celebrate on social media. Tag us and we’ll come engage with your post!

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