Announcing our partnership with accessiBe

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Miscellaneous

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with accessiBe, the leading fully-automated web accessibility solution for ADA compliance. By partnering with accessiBe, we now have an AI-powered solution to make your website accessible to people with disabilities and protect you from ADA lawsuits. We love their software and use it on our own website to make the user experience fully accessible.

What is website accessibility?

While the Stratos team is full of experts in designing and developing websites for the typical user, we fully recognize that there is a gap when it comes to designing websites that are fully accessible for users with disabilities. While the typical user simply scrolls your site, clicking and reading with ease, users with disabilities may use screen-readers or other tools to help navigate the internet.

Just like you would want your brick and mortar store to be ADA-accessible, you want your website to be accessible! Web accessibility includes alternate text for images, consistent hierarchy in headings and titles, keyboard-compatible navigation, and more. While making these adjustments manually is tedious and time-consuming, accessiBe’s AI software makes the process nearly instantaneous.

Not only is it a moral and business imperative to serve the 26% of Americans living with disabilities online (statistics from CDC), it’s the law. In 2018 the Department of Justice ruled that websites are considered places of public accommodations and therefore must be accessible to people with disabilities according to the ADA. Since then hundreds of thousands of demand letters have been sent to American businesses, from Mom and Pop shops to Domino’s pizza.

How do I know if my website is accessible?

Unless you’ve specifically requested from your web developer to follow ADA and WCAG guidelines, it’s likely that your website is not accessible. Web developers typically do the bare minimum in making a website accessible; we are simply guilty of this!

Stratos and accessiBe offer a completely free audit of your website to find what elements are missing to make it fully accessible. Simply give us your email address and website address, and we’ll send you a full report!

How can accessiBe help my business?

Accessible websites open the internet for users with disabilities, and can even expand your market reach and attract new customers. What we love most is that an accessible website shows users with disabilities that your business cares about them and prioritizes their browsing experience.

In our research of web accessibilty, accessiBe is the only solution we’ve found that is fully customizable, blends in seamlessly with your existing website, and is user-friendly for both the website owner and customer. For a majority of users, the accessiBe add on doesn’t change a thing about their experience on your website. But for users with disabilities, it changes everything.

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