Work from Anywhere on a Budget

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Reflections

Traveling is part of my DNA. I grew up overseas and love exploring new places.

So when I quit my job and started freelancing, I looked forward to the freedom I’d have to travel now that I didn’t have a 9-5.

Buttt if you’ve started your own business, you know that extra cash isn’t always flowing when you first start off. 

During those first few years, I consciously chose to work and travel to remember the freedom I was working towards. I just had to be smart about it and travel on a budget.


Tip #1: Sketch out a light plan for your trip. Block out time for fun – excursions, exploring, etc. Also, block out time to finish your work. If you have a touristy thing during the day, you’ve set that aside and can work in the evening. 

Tip #2: Find pockets of time for focused work. When I work on flights, I get so much done. If my travel includes a flight, I’ll download as much work as I think I can get done. I purposefully won’t use the in-flight WiFi so I don’t get distracted. 

Tip #3: Don’t do anything extra. I know how your brain works because mine works the same way. “Oh, that project would be an extra financial boost.” “I can definitely squeeze in that extra client request.” If you’re working while traveling, the extra things you allow to sneak in will be the undoing of your experience. Extend deadlines ahead of time and put the extras on the list for next week. 


Tip #1: Stay with a friend or at a hostel. If your goal is to enjoy the city you’re in and work while you’re there, where you sleep doesn’t have to be fancy. Keep your lodging cheap.

Tip #2: Go to the grocery store. I can’t tell you how many times I made sandwiches while on a trip. I have two personal travel food rules: get gelato anytime I see it, and only eat out once per day. All my foodie friends probably think I’m crazy, but this was one of the most cost-saving habits during my first years in business. 

Tip #3: Be thoughtful about transportation. Ubers and Lyfts add up. If you’re in a city, consider using public transportation. You get to see a whole different side of the city you’re visiting. Another option I love is hop-on, hop-off tour buses. A lot of cities have them. The nerd in me loves sitting through the full city tour and hearing about the history and landmarks, but I have used them numerous times as transportation from point A to point B, so I only have to pay once for a day’s worth of unlimited transportation. 

Figuring out your work-from-anywhere style takes a little bit of trial and error. The type of work you do will also affect it. The good news is that your budget doesn’t have to affect your ability to explore the world as long as you have your laptop and some WiFi.