What is StoryBrand?

by | Aug 3, 2022 | StoryBrand

StoryBrand is a framework that helps clarify your messaging so you can create marketing that compels your audience to take action.

But, here at Stratos, we see StoryBrand as so much more:

  • It keeps the words and messages across your website, emails, and social media consistent and clear.
  • It helps your prospective customer know the exact steps it takes to work with you.
  • It gives your team strategic direction for your sales process and marketing plan.

Marketers far and wide will tell you that your marketing needs to tell a story, but very few of them will tell you how you should do so. The StoryBrand framework outlines seven elements that occur in all narratives so your marketing does indeed tell a story.

Here’s the catch: we’re not telling your story. We’re telling your customer’s story. Because while your business story may be movie-worthy, your customer will only care if you’re engaging in their story—especially as it relates to their problem.

Character. Problem. Guide. Plan. Call to Action. Success. Failure.

Each of these seven pieces positions your business as the guide that can solve your customer’s problem and lead them to success. That’s a story worth your audience’s time and attention. Added bonus: this process helps differentiate you from all your competitors who may only be telling their own story.

Our team uses StoryBrand in every single client’s messaging, whether they know it or not. Why? Because, upon implementation, we’ve seen revenue double, content engagement triple, and lead generation quadruple.

Curious to know more?

  1. Purchase the Building a StoryBrand book by Donald Miller.
  2. Join Business Made Simple University and take the messaging course to DIY your marketing story.
  3. Sign up for the StoryBrand Livestream workshop to work on your messaging with the help of a guide like Julia. Let us know you signed up so we can make sure you’re in her group!