What if content creation could be less stressful?

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Content Creation

Creating content takes time and energy,  but it doesn’t have to be stressful. For years, I’ve used this two-step process to create content: Brainstorm first, write later. If I try to do it all at once, my brain gets overloaded.

For brainstorming – I’ll keep a note on my phone where I jot down ideas as they come to me (in the grocery store, while I’m watching a movie, in the middle of the night, etc.)

When I’m ready to write, I actually don’t sit down at my desk. I find a comfortable place like the couch, a hammock, or a coffee shop. I’ve realized that I do my best work when I’m relaxed.

Need some ideas as you brainstorm? Here are a few from our list of 101 Social Media Prompts. FYI, there are more on our website resource page.

  • When was a time that your perspective on something changed for the better? 
  • What is your current favorite app on your phone, and why? 
  • How do you create a healthy team connection? 
  • Do you process externally or internally? How does this affect your business from day to day?

At Stratos, our mission is to help business owners improve their relationships with social media – both in their personal lives and in their work lives. If you are tired of being on the content creation hamster wheel, this two-step method may be the answer!