The Stratos 2022 Gift Guide

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Miscellaneous

With all the gift guides floating around the internet these days, our team decided to put together our own for all our favorite entrepreneurs. After having worked with almost 60 business owners this year, we’d like to say we have an idea of what things might be on their Christmas list – especially if they work from home!

For those entrepreneurs who are working from their cozy couch:

For those entrepreneurs that are always putting in one more productive minute:

  • Blue light glasses: Any would do, but these are the ones I bought and like!
  • Post it notes: I’m slightly embarrassed with how many post-it-notes are up around my office. Right now, my favorite way to use them is on a project chart. Once it’s done, I move it from the “in progress” column over to a “completed” column. And yes, I am the type of person who adds things to a list when I finish them even if they weren’t on the list in the first place.
  • Habit Journal: Our designer, Savannah, loves using this as a habit tracker and bullet journal. While I’ve never used it personally, anything made by James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) is a win from me. If you’re more of a blank notebook type of person, we’ve got your back in the Stratos shop! Also, don’t forget about our fave planner stickers.

For those entrepreneurs choosing to harness the extra time they have to become a healthier version of themselves:

  • Yoga mat: Have a few minutes between meetings? Stretch our your muscles. They’ll thank you. For an alternative that is sustainably sourced and has healthier ingredients, check out Yoloha or Manduka mats.
  • Standing desk. I loved this one so much that I told my husband, Roger, he’d have to buy his own when he started his new WFH job this month! Don’t want a WHOLE desk? Kat swears by this laptop desk.
  • Insulated water bottle. A dehydrated brain won’t do your business any good! Kelsey’s fave is this Yeti Rambler, but we also just launched this one in our Stratos shop!

For those entrepreneurs always trying to learn something new:

What would you add to our gift guide? Are we missing anything?

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