Planning for the New Year

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Strategic Planning

Have you started to think about your marketing plan for this upcoming year? As you do, here are a few questions you can think through:

What worked well?

Think about what marketing initiatives in the past were successful in bringing you new leads or new clients. Whatever is working well, do more of it!

What didn’t work well?

Did any of your marketing flop? If it didn’t have a return on investment, does it need to be tweaked or scrapped? Sometimes a few tweaks and a new attempt might be all you need to create momentum. If something didn’t work how you intended it to, did it have other unforeseen benefits? If so, does that make it a worthwhile initiative?

What marketing projects have you put on the back burner?

Perhaps you’ve been delaying updates to your website or creating a new lead generator. Don’t keep pushing these efforts off. Schedule them into this year’s plan and find someone who can help you complete the projects. The more complete your marketing collateral (website, printed materials, social media, email, etc.) is the more it will work for you. 

What is your goal for your business this year?

This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself as you prepare your marketing. Everything you do should support your business goal. If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be a priority. 

No matter if you’re excited for the new year or feeling a tad apprehensive, plan your marketing work so you can work your marketing plan and see your business succeed!

Are you planning anything exciting for your business this upcoming year? We want to hear about it!

A lot of business owners are hesitant to talk about failure because they don’t want to be perceived as negative or weak. Me too! But if we have our clients’ best interests in mind, we need to commit ourselves to show them the truth about what’s at stake.