Eliminate Digital Photo Chaos

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Marketing Tips, Reflections

You know exactly what you want to post on your social media account. You go to google photos or your downloads folder and scroll for the photo. You never find it. You know it has to be there, but your photo collection has become so big it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now what?

You waste your time searching.
You spend money on a new stock photo.
You decide to change your post and start from scratch.

You shouldn’t have to do this! Navigating your photos should be easy and enjoyable. When your photo collection becomes overbearing and stressful, it no longer serves the purpose you originally intended. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are 6 easy steps to declutter your photos with ease.

  1. One Month: Most photos are stored by date. Only look through one month at a time. This can be accomplished in a small amount of time.
  2. Dislike: Scan through photos deleting ones you know you don’t like. These might be blurry photos or the 50 selfies your daughter took with the cat filter on.
  3. No Longer Useful: Did you have a bunch of pictures for a client or FB marketplace? The client project is over and your postings are up. Their purpose has been fulfilled. Delete.
  4. Never Used: You took pictures or downloaded photos for marketing purposes and never used them. Most likely you never will. Delete.
  5. Duplicates: Everyone is posing for a photo and you snap 10 times. The photos are all the same with minor differences. Pick your favorite and delete the rest.
  6. Top Five: When you take a trip or celebrate a holiday you might take 100 photos. It’s not easy to enjoy all of these, especially as the years go on. From each event, pick your favorite 5 (or choose a different number) to keep. Delete the rest.

I recently went through the last 3 months of my google photos. Following these guidelines, I only kept only 35 photos out of 474.

About the Author

Jaime Durheim

Jaime Durheim is the owner of Jaime Declutters. She loves making decluttering easy and fun when others are overwhelmed and feel stuck. When she isn’t with her clients she is enjoying time with her husband, daughters, and rescue pup in Madison, WI where they live a simple life full of adventure.

This blogpost is part of a series that examines where marketing/media cross into other industries. We love knowing how we can adapt concepts from other businesses into our own. We hope you can find something applicable to your own work.


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