Could your business benefit from some spring cleaning in your marketing?

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Content Creation, Marketing Tips, Social Media, Strategic Planning

Ahh spring! For a lot of us the sun or warmth of the sun is finally being felt on our skin, and it feels so good.

This past weekend was full of warm sunny days. My family and I began pulling weeds, trimming trees, mowing the grass – yes, when you live in California the grass needs mowing all year long.

Guess what – your marketing is similar to yard work. 

It needs regular maintenance and scheduled times where you just have to roll up your sleeves and do a lot of work to get it ready for more growth – or hire someone else to roll up their sleeves while enjoying a mimosa in the sunshine.

Don’t let the everyday hustle of running your business keep you from freshening up your marketing.

To get you started here are a few areas of your marketing to go over and make sure it’s set up to bring in the growth you desire.


According to Donald Miller in Building a Storybrand “People buy things because they read words that make them want to buy things.” Your message needs to be clear and compelling anywhere you use words to talk about your business or offer. 

Pro Tip: Your message needs to be clear from your ideal customer’s perspective, not yours – it’s not as easy as you may think to do this on your own.


Your website is home base for all your marketing and communications. It’s where your social media should send those looking to do business with you. It’s the place your emails direct customers where to go when they are ready to purchase your amazing offer.

Pro Tip: You need to make it easy and obvious how your ideal customer can do business with you. Meaning have a strong call to action button in multiple places on your website.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan helps you focus on marketing that intentionally increases business instead of jumping on current trends not knowing how maximize them to benefit your business. A marketing plan provides direction and focus for your time and resources needed to effectively communicate to your audience. 

Pro Tip: A marketing plan that is written down is more successful than one floating around in your head.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t enjoy doing yard work but you do enjoy the results of a space cleaned, pruned, and ready for new growth to appear. 

Set your business up for new growth next quarter by going through your current marketing.

Prune what’s not working and freshen up where growth opportunities can flourish.

To improve the return of your marketing by doing a little spring cleaning, download the Spring Clean Your Marketing Guide to help you get started.

You’re not going to want to overlook the bonus “quick wins” section giving you 6 action steps you can begin to do in your marketing today.

About the Author

Kim Bowers

Kim Bowers is a Business Coach & Marketing Strategist helping women business owners create a sustainable marketing plan to grow their business.


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