The reason why we won’t do ads for you…

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Lead Generation, Strategic Planning

Most people know that ads are something you pay for to get more leads. And although that is true, it’s not exactly as simple as that. It’s very possible that you could pay for ads that simply don’t work. At Stratos, our goal is to help our customers fill their pipelines with qualified leads, and we’ve come up with a lead-generating machine that helps us do just that. Although ads are definitely part of the equation, there are a few other elements you need in place before considering them.

Is Your Brand Messaging Clear?

Your brand messaging serves as the foundation for all your marketing. Without a clear and well-defined brand message, any advertising efforts can lack direction. If you don’t know what pain points you’re solving, the success that your customers hope to achieve, or clarity on the value your service or products provide, then you will fail to resonate with your ideal customer. In fact, clear brand messaging can also help you define who your ideal customer is!

When you don’t have clear brand messaging, it will become a challenge to communicate with your audience through any type of marketing effort. That’s why one of our very first steps in any of our services is to help you clarify your brand messaging. Apply those principles to the rest of your communication streams, including your website and social media, so that your ads have the best chance to make the most impact.

Can People Tell You Exist?

You don’t want people to click on your ad and think that you’re out of business or worse—that you’re a scam! When you don’t have a website and potential customers can’t find you online, that could be a red flag, and when you’re not active on social media, it might be hard to tell if you’re business is still active. So before you start considering ads that point customers to your website or social media page, you need to have both of those things up and running!

Are You Nurturing Your Audience?

Our lead-generating ads help you collect emails from potential customers in exchange for a valuable resource. Once you have the emails…now what? You don’t need to send out an email to your customers every day, but weekly or bi-weekly emails will signal to your customers that you are an authority in your field and that your solutions are the answers to their problems. Your email list enables you to reach out directly to your customers in their inbox and call them to action. If you’re not sending emails or are just starting to build your email list, we can help you come up with a plan on how to get started and what the next steps are. 

Although ads are one of the most valuable marketing tools to get leads quickly, they will be a flop if you don’t first have all your other marketing ducks in a row. Without clear branding, an established online presence, or a plan to call them to action, you will just end up wasting your marketing dollars. The last thing we want is for you to waste your money on ad spend!

If implementing these prerequisites for ads seems overwhelming to you, our team at Stratos is here to help. Whether you need help with one element of your marketing or all of them, request an appointment with us today and we can help you come up with a plan that sets you up for success!