Our “INs & OUTs” for 2024

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Marketing Tips

We are not all New Year’s resolution people in the Stratos family, but when we saw the “INs & OUTs” trend, we were in. Plus, sometimes it’s easier to write a list of what you won’t do so you can write down what you DO want to do.


  • Creating a strategy for your social media, which allows you to batch your content.
  • Using AI to brainstorm and jumpstart your content.
  • Sending emails to engage with loyal subscribers.
  • Creating reels that highlight your business – using trending audio as a bonus, not to go viral.
  • Using ads to support multiple business goals.
  • Mobile-optimized websites.


  • Posting on social media every day, for the sake of posting.
  • Using AI as an author of your content. COPY + PASTE is done.
  • Sending emails sporadically to your entire email list, hoping they will purchase from you.
  • Posting Reels to only hop on trends.
  • Using ads with only sales in mind.
  • Cluttered websites with too many different CTAs.

Did we miss any? 

We want to know about you, too! What are your “INs & OUTs” for your marketing plan this year? And if you need help making it all happen, we are here to help. Request an appointment, sign up for the DIY Club, or just come to a brainstorming session for free!