Content Creation


Trualta was doing great work developing caregivers to manage care at home. But in the midst of their hard work, they were struggling to create a marketing strategy that worked for them. They wanted to create engaging posts that spoke to their ideal client, helping them to train and prepare more caregivers, but they didn't have the time, resources or brain power to do it themselves. They felt overwhelmed at the prospect of adding social media management to their already full workload, but also nervous about asking someone else to manage it.


Stratos partnered with Trualta to learn about their mission, culture, values, and personality so that we could design an authentic social media strategy that would draw their ideal customers into their story. Then we crafted 15 social media posts for them per month, which could increase their engagement and help them reach new caregivers.


Stratos was able to maintain excellent communication with the Trualta team, which left them feeling heard and understood. In the end, Trualta's social media posts represent them well and receive great engagement. In fact, they gained over 150 followers across 4 platforms and have an engagement rate of 27%. The designs used in their graphics also helped to inform designs for other marketing materials.

Stratos is one of the few agencies I've worked with where I can give some poorly articulated feedback and they not only read my mind, but they feel out the direction I'm trying to go. They don't just deliver what I was trying to ask for, they take it one step further. Stratos really understands our culture, direction, and what we're trying to achieve. I've truly enjoyed working with them.
Brandon Dahl

Marketing Director, Trualta