Tina Lorrane
Website Design + Development


Tina needed help building and launching her website in a way that felt authentic and would showcase her services and passion to her audience. She did not feel equipped to take on this work by herself and needed someone to guide her through this process.


The Stratos team worked with Tina to learn about her brand and the passion behind her work. We designed her messaging in a way that emphasized her passion and connection to her audience. Our goal was to help the women she wanted to work with see her as a guide and partner in designing their dream lives. Before wrapping up with Tina, the team provided her with videos and resources that would teach her how to edit and maintain her website, so that she would not be left in the dark after finishing this project.


Tina launched her site via Facebook Live with some of her followers present. She continues to fill her blog and resource pages with fresh content that connects with her audience and provides them with helpful tools and tips. Tina’s site branding is colorful yet professional and really hones in on her personality and style.

Tina was a blast to work with and support as she grew her own business. We wanted her fun personality and drive to be showcased throughout her website. We accomplished this by choosing bright feminine colors, and imagery that focused on her and her audience base.
Savannah Guthrie

Web Designer, Stratos Creative Marketing