Photo Camper
Branding + Logo Design, Content Creation, Lead Generation, Website Design + Development


When Roger and Julia bought Photo Camper, they were excited to run the business but the branding didn't represent Photo Camper the way they envisioned. Although they had some of the expertise to re-launch the Photo Camper brand, they didn't have the capacity to take on all that it entailed. They had a vision for their business - to bring a special treat to SLC party guests, but lacked the time and energy to bring it to life.


Stratos Creative Marketing partnered with Photo Camper to rebrand and relaunch the website. Stratos' designers used Julia and Roger's vision to create an updated logo and website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate. The content team at Stratos worked with Julia and Roger to translate their thoughts to StoryBranded website copy and a lead generator, “7 Trends that Up-level your Party.”


Julia and Roger can now run Photo Camper, knowing their brand tells the story they had envisioned. The new website is clear, engaging, and easy to follow. Plus, it invites people into the Photo Camper story. Finally, Julia and Roger now have a lead generator that draws in and nurtures their ideal audience that has been bringing leads in for around $4 per lead—a rate that continues to lower over time.

When we bought Photo Camper, we wanted to lean into the retro feel of the camper. We love the new logo, colors, and website. We're really pleased with the content coming out on social media and email. It's been so fun to get leads via marketing rather than just word of mouth. Our friends in other states are jealous they can't book the camper for their parties.
Roger Pearson

Co-owner, Photo Camper