One Earth Evaluations
Website Design + Development


One Earth Evaluations’ Executive Director Karin Brown had a website that functioned but kept crashing. She felt as though it didn’t properly communicate her mission in a way that connected with her audience: immigrants coming to the United States to work and study, who need their credentials evaluated and translated.


Our goal was to create a dependable website that was user-friendly and engaging. We embedded an interactive map with testimonials that pop up as you scrolled over the different countries. The applications and payment options were streamlined to create a better experience for her audience.


Within days of launching the site, One Earth Evaluations had received numerous applications.

Applicants found that the site was easier to navigate, and One Earth Evaluations staff found that they were answering less redundant questions.

After several frustrating experiences and false starts with other web designers, I was thrilled to find Julia and her team. The moment we met, I felt that she truly wanted to understand my business – not just my clients and daily operations, but my mission – the heart and soul of why I do what I do and how a new website can represent and promote that mission. As a small business owner, this was immensely appreciated. Her timeline and pricing were upfront, accurate, fair and honest. I could not be happier with my experience working with Julia, and the results of her excellent work.
Karin Christoph Brown