Advice Column
Lead Generation, Website Design + Development


Lisa was starting a new business, a podcast that focused on creating experience shares to help people feel less alone and solve some of life's challenges. She needed to create marketing materials and content to help reach her ideal audience and create a presence, but she didn't have the capacity to do it all while also creating the podcast and running the rest of her business.


Stratos partnered with Lisa to design a new website that would position Lisa as the guide and her panelists and audience as the hero. Next, we created 8 social media posts per month and biweekly emails to educate and nurture her audience. Together, we also created ads to help generate new leads and a larger audience for Lisa's messaging.


Lisa was able to focus on the other aspects of her business and podcast and life without worrying about her marketing. While she took care of her other responsibilities, her website served as a landing page for her audience, allowing them to learn more and housing new episodes and resources. Meanwhile, her ads connected her with her ideal audience and got her resources into their hands. After 20 months of running her ads, we have run four different lead-generating campaigns that collected more than 33,000 leads costing anywhere between $0.34 and $1.92 each. Finally, Lisa's social media content and emails have continued to nurture her audience as she provides valuable content each week.

Lisa's website is one of my favorites we have designed to date. I love how personal, fun, and inspiring Advice Column is as a business and I wanted those traits reflected in her websites design.
Savannah Guthrie

Website Designer