Content Repurposing


New + Improved

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

11am- 1pm EDT

There’s an easier way to create content.

Learn how the pros at Stratos use repurposing to streamline their content creation.

Tired of creating continual content while trying to keep up with social media management?


So were we, until we mastered the art of repurposing.

If you spend time creating a quality piece of content, you should be able to use it more than once. Blogs can become emails. Emails can become social posts. Social posts can become videos. Repurposing is endless.

We effectively repurpose content here at Stratos for both ourselves and our clients, with great results.

Save time, frustration, and brain cells.

Creating content doesn’t have to be your favorite part of your business, but it also doesn’t have to be the worst.

Learn from the Stratos Content Creation team about how we take one piece of content and turn it into many, many more.

What you get:

  2 hours of education on repurposing

✓  Behind the scenes on our tried-and-true methods

  Accountability to get it done

  One-on-one feedback from seasoned professionals

  Walk away with ready-to-write content


Master content repurposing in 3 easy steps

1. Register & prep for
the workshop

Let us know you’re coming and what content you want to repurpose. We’ll prepare ideas specific to your industry.

2. Attend the

Bring your long-form content
(like a blog post or an article) and get ready to repurpose! Our team will guide you every step of the way.

3. Walk away with
ready-to-write content.

Schedule a feedback session with a member of our team to review your content and answer any lingering questions.

I was nervous going into the content repurposing workshop because I thought there was no way a lawyer could effectively use the kind of marketing that I knew we would be discussing. I’ve never been happier to be wrong. The workshop was informative, concise, and a huge relief. The entire Stratos team worked so hard to make the workshop feel like an individual session, and the breakout sessions were so helpful that I nearly cramped up my hand from writing down all the ideas that Ryann and my fellow attendees were able to help me come up with. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. Even if you think you know nothing about marketing (like me), you will definitely benefit from attending!

Samantha Hall

Fleur de Law Legal Office

As a small business owner, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything I must do. The Repurposing Workshop taught me simple, time leveraging ways to market my business so I can focus on what I love doing. Once again, Stratos Creative Marketing has added tremendous value to my business!

Tasha Eizinger

The Little Shot

About the Stratos Team

At Stratos, we live and breathe content creation. On a daily basis, we create emails to send and social media posts to go out, both for ourselves and our clients.

During our workshop, you’ll meet our team of content coordinators: Ryann, Kelsey, Kat, and Justine. Between the four of them, they wrote 2,000+ social posts and 140+ emails in 2021! You can be confident that they’ll answer all your questions and share all their tips and tricks. You’ll get one-on-one time with them (and possibly some of our other team members) after the workshop to get feedback on your work.

4 Types of Blogs You Can Write | Stratos Creative Marketing

Not sure what to repurpose?

Here are some ideas.

Part of the process to repurposing content is having a piece of long-form content that serves as an “anchor” to the rest of your content. You’ll bring this with you to the workshop. There are a lot of different ways you can create this content:

    • Grab an old blog post you wrote that is still relevant to your audience.
    • Write a blog answering one of the top questions you get from clients.
    • Put together a Top 10 list that is relevant to your field.
    • Write an article that shows you understand the problem your customer is facing.
    • Piece together a case study about one of your clients.

Honestly, the list of things you can write about is endless. If you need help brainstorming a topic, let us know. We’re here to help.

Ready for a new outlook on content creation?

Let go of your frustration, hang-ups, and—let’s face it—paralysis around content creating. Learn our tried-and-true repurposing methods and start the new year off with enough content to fill your next quarter.