Happy Client, Happy Guide.

Social Media White Labeling

Looking to serve your
clients with social media, but overwhelmed by trying to
add it as a service?

 Do what you love to do and we’ll manage your client’s social media.

If we don’t work together…

Your client will find someone else or try to do it on their own.

You may not be able to help them drive leads into their funnel. 

You will be limited to your current offerings. 

If we do work together…

Your client will get more leads while focusing on their business.

You make more money and begin to set up a retainer model.

You can oversee their funnel from start to finish.

How to get started


Tell us the project details.
Fill out this form with any details about your client’s needs.


Schedule a call.
We’ll learn more about your client and help you sell social media to them.


Happy client, happy guide.
Watch your client’s
social media (and satisfaction) grow!

About Our Team

Any social media account can attract its ideal client if you combine social media strategy and the StoryBrand message.

Julia, Stratos’s resident StoryBrand guide, began freelancing in 2018 after managing several non-profits social media accounts. Upon discovering the StoryBrand framework, she realized it translated perfectly to social media. Before becoming a guide (shh… don’t tell StoryBrand), she used the framework to help a non-profit client raise $20,000 in a 6-week social media fundraising campaign.

Since then, she and the Stratos team have developed ways to integrate the StoryBrand framework into social media strategy. Our Content Coordinators and Graphic Designers work together to create content that is visually appealing and full of storytelling.

In 2021:


email campaigns sent


social media posts created


ads accounts managed

Want to offer white-labeled social media to your clients, but aren’t sure how?

Our quick video tutorials can help.

StoryBrand guides come to us asking the same questions you might be asking yourself:

  • How do I pitch social media to my clients?
  • How will social fit into my strategy?
  • What does a white-labeling arrangement look like?
  • How do I know if my client needs organic social or ads or both?

Julia and the team put together a few short videos that walk you through how to sell a social media package that fits into your overall strategy.

White Label Packages

Social media is an excellent way for your clients to meet their customers where they are. By putting out information, encouragement, and entertainment, they can position themselves as the guide and solve their customers’ problem.

Your problem is that it’s not one of your services, but you don’t want your client to go to someone else who might not give them a StoryBrand product.

Our packages make it easy to include social media in your proposal.


All packages include:
Hashtag Research
Sourcing + Assigning Photos
Monthly Reporting


$1000 per month

recommended as a base level for any client


$1500 per month

recommended to clients seeking to nurture their current audience


$2000 per month

recommended to clients looking to get serious about social media


$3000 per month

recommended for maximum organic growth

Pricing is based on two platforms (generally Instagram + Facebook).
For custom packages, contact us.

Did we mention web development?

If you’re looking for a white label partner for websites, we also do that. WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace… you name it, we’re here for it! Except for Wix… don’t make us endure that crazy platform.

You write the words; we’ll design and develop the site so your client has a complete product they love! Download our pricing calculator for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest?

We can! Typically, our clients are focused on Instagram and/or Facebook, but depending on your client’s industry, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest may be great options. We can adjust the content to fit these social media formats.

What if my client's needs do not fit one of your packages?

We can create a custom package that works for you! Let’s talk about your client and their needs so we can figure out what will drive the most results.

Can we use my client's social software?

Yep! As long as it has automation and scheduling capabilities, it will work. 

How much do I need to be involved?

As much as you’d like! Some guides will tell their client about our white-label arrangement while others won’t.

We will need to get information from your client. Depending on your level of comfort, we can be on phone calls with you, we can do them on our own OR we can let you know what questions you should ask.

Should I charge more than your packages?

Depending on your involvement, you’ll want to charge for the project management time.

Even if you don’t want to be involved, we would encourage you to set a margin on our pricing so you can begin to grow your retainer model. Most of our white label partners mark up our prices by 10-20% depending on their level of involvement.

Do you do social strategy sessions?

Everything we do in social media is infused with social strategy. All of our packages include strategic planning based on the client’s goals.

If you’re interested in social strategy without social management, let us know.

I had some out-of-the-box (weird) ideas about how I wanted to show up on social media, but no idea how to pull it off. Words and what to say are my strong suit, not design and social media strategy. Stratos helped me turn my weird ideas into wildly engaging content. Now my audience knows exactly who I am, why they should care, and how I can help them.

Jessie Congleton

Copywriter & Strategist

Offering your clients more value shouldn’t mean doing more work. After one call with Julia, I knew I had a team to provide the social media management my client needed. The Stratos team digs in, gets creative, and stays connected, so I can focus on what I do best—all while my clients benefit from a more cohesive and engaging brand experience online.

Meg Kypena

OnYourMark Co, LLC

Stratos Creative’s expertise significantly enhances Aespire’s capability to provide outstanding support to our valued clients. They play a vital role in our team, guaranteeing seamless management and optimal performance of our client’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns. By leveraging their expertise, we effectively attract, engage, and convert new customers, empowering our clients to experience remarkable growth.

Brian Sooy


Social media marketing not only takes time, it takes messaging clarity, creativity in design, timeliness and consistency. Stratos delivers on all accounts! Plus, they are great communicators and friendly to work with! Thank you for your exceptional service!

Jordan Sok

One Team Marketing Solutions