Guide for Creating Reels

General Video Tips

Use a background that isn’t distracting. It can be interesting, but you don’t want people focusing on the things behind you.

Find good light. Use a ring light or stand in front of a window

Don’t go on rabbit trails. Make sure your message is clear and concise. We recommend writing out your main points before recording so you have a chance to think through what you’ll say.

Take a deep breath before you start recording. If you mess up while recording, pause, take a deep breath, back up a little, and start again. We can cut out the mistake, but only if you pause and back up.

Filming Video for Reels

Film on your phone holding the phone straight up and down, not rotated.

Either hold your phone like you’re taking a selfie or get a tripod. Hold or place the camera around eye-level so it feels like you’re talking directly to your audience, not looking up or down at them.

Smile as you talk. Pretend you’re talking to your favorite client.

You only have 60 seconds max. Make every word count.

Catch their attention in the first three seconds to stop the scroll.
Skip introducing yourself and just dive right into your content.

Submitting Your Video to Us

From your phone, upload your video as-is to our shared Google Drive folder.