Willow & Grace
Content Creation, Lead Generation


Willow & Grace Designs had a beautiful product, but when it came to marketing, they were lost on what to do next. They knew their ideal client would love to buy these handmade shelves, but their website and social media were not getting the leads or engagement that was needed. The team at Willow & Grace Designs didn’t have the time, knowledge, or bandwidth to optimize their website and social media strategies which left them feeling very overwhelmed.


With brand awareness and lead generation as goals, we helped develop Willow & Grace Designs’ marketing in 3 areas: Social Media, Sales Funnel, and Website. Our work focused on helping Willow & Grace Designs tell their story and guide their potential client towards better home staging and decor in all the areas of their marketing. Together, we spent time strategizing and helping them create one on-brand approach that could be adapted to each area of marketing.

Our first goal was to help Willow & Grace Designs update their website so that it connected with their target audience. After the Stratos Team revamped the website, it clearly explained what their product was, how it could make their customer’s life better, and how they could make a purchase.

On social media, we curated organic posts that shared the brandstory and introduced Willow & Grace Designs to their ideal customers. Each post encouraged engagement within the social platform and on their website.

Meanwhile, our social media ads invited the targeted audience to enter their email in order to download the lead generator. These emails were deposited into an email funnel we wrote and set up. Each email positioned Willow & Grace Designs as the answer to their customer’s shelving problem and invited their new leads to learn more about the company and make a purchase.

Together, their website, social media, and email funnel ensured that their audience would move through the buyer’s journey smoothly.


In just three months, Willow and Grace Designs’ social media audience grew by 81% on Instagram. With the help of social media ads, they collected over 3,000 emails which became warm leads in their email sales funnel. We were able to optimize the campaigns to get the lowest possible cost-per-result, allowing us to collect more email addresses at the lowest cost possible.

After working with our team at Stratos, John and Suzanne of Willow and Grace Designs felt empowered and confident in taking the next steps of their marketing plan.

When it came to website and social media marketing we didn’t have the time, knowledge or bandwidth to take them on and it felt really overwhelming. We felt kind of lost in that world. We worked with Stratos on jumpstarting our social media, getting our email funnel up and going, and building a wireframe for our website. I felt like Stratos did a great job of breaking things down for us and helping us understand the language and what steps to take. They also helped us feel confident in our brand and gave us the tools, showed us how to demonstrate that brand to the world. Since working with Stratos we have a ton more leads; our email list has grown exponentially, more followers on social media, our website is getting more traffic every day. We are getting more purchases every day.
Suzanne Gill

Willow & Grace