Miriam Bulcher Photography
Content Creation


As a luxury photographer, Miriam Bulcher needed a social media strategy that would attract the right clients. Her social media presence needed to build credibility, show off her work and create meaningful connections with prospective and past clients. Most importantly, she needed to pass the work on to a team she could trust so she could focus on doing the things only she could do: growing her business and creating photography.


During the initial consultation, our team helped Miriam refine her messaging with the StoryBrand framework. Together, we defined content topics that aligned with her messaging. Using her new messaging and images, we developed a comprehensive content and hashtag strategy that would reach and connect with her ideal client.


Within a few months of managing her social media, Miriam booked one of her highest paying clients through Instagram. Her brand awareness has grown – both online and in-person as she receives compliments on her social media during networking meetings.

In eight months, her Instagram follower count grew by 61% and she averaged 20 engagements per post. Over the course of the same period, her Facebook audience grew to 1,153 followers with 79,400 total impressions.

Stats are from 2019 Q3 – 2020 Q1

Before working with Stratos Creative Marketing it was hard to be consistently present and really show up for my customers on social media. I wanted people to be able to check out my page and really get an idea of what I was about. Working with the team has allowed me to have consistent messaging on social media. This messaging on social media has led to increased inquiries and customer growth.
Miriam Bulcher

Business Owner