Laura Listens
DIY Club, Email Marketing, Social Media Toolkit


Laura Jaramillo, owner of Laura Listens, is a licensed provider of mental health and therapeutic services with a cutting edge and holistic approach to treatment. With a unique emphasis on physical and environmental wellness, Laura was struggling to get her unique combination of licensed and trained therapy combined with holistic wellness expertise to stand out as a brand in a very competitive field ripe with unlicensed but hyper-brand conscious competition. The issue was not rising above the competition in terms of service offerings or even demand - it was connecting to new clients to ensure they were aware of and could connect with Laura directly through her socials.


Laura put diligent thought with respect to her brand differentiators, tone, and goals when writing her discovery guide and we were able to collaborate to develop an efficient and effective strategy to message these wonderful differentiators to current and prospective clients via her social media. We developed an approach to leverage our Social Media Toolkit, our DIY Club, and Email Marketing to both attract new clients, as well as engage both new and current clients. Through this tailored approach to her social media and content marketing, Laura now had a plan to ensure her business and its differentiators would be visible and engaging to new clients.


We like to let our clients do the talking. When we asked Laura about the results of our partnership, she responded with: “I love how you are doing my social media; I have gotten more positive feedback in the past couple months than ever since I started the monthly Stratos plan. I also love the emails you do. I feel like you guys really know me or see me and my business. I feel supported and feel less stress regarding my marketing and social media.” Today, Laura Listens is supported by a portfolio of creative, engaging, and consistent social media that allows new clients to connect with her unique treatment approach, bolstering exposure of Laura’s holistic and industry-proven approach alike.

I love how Stratos is managing my social media. Ever since I started the monthly DIY Club plan, I have gotten more positive feedback than ever! I also love the emails they write and design for me. They really know me and see me and my business. I feel supported and feel less stressed regarding my marketing and social media.
Laura Jaramillo

Owner of Laura Listens