Just Between Friends
Content Creation


The client managed her own, and several other franchise owners’, social media accounts. When they began to focus on their Instagram efforts, she didn’t have the capacity to create content and keep up with a successful Instagram account for organic growth.


The Stratos team created a content package that included everything the client needed. The package included seasonal styled photos from branded photoshoots, copywriting for 20 posts per month (that spoke to the client’s audience and contained elements of the StoryBrand Framework), and hashtag research for the industry as well as for the separate locations where the franchises were located.

All of this content was strategically planned out and placed into a content calendar for the client so that she could post the content herself, without having to worry about writing and planning it. The Stratos team also provided mini-coaching sessions where the client’s franchise owners could ask questions.


In a year where there were many unknowns, the client was able to focus on the other more time-sensitive parts of her and her clients’ businesses, such as pivoting to online sales and figuring out how to have live events with new restrictions in place due to Covid. By working with the Stratos team, the franchise owners were able to enjoy a continuous stream of good organic content knowing it was reaching the people in their community.

When we hired the Stratos team to create social media content for our clients, we were getting ready for a busy year of resale events. But once COVID hit, we had to help our clients pivot and figure out how their businesses could survive. While we focused on helping our clients, Julia and her team supported us by creating consistent content on Instagram that would keep our clients at the top of their customer’s minds.
Just Between Friends franchise owners