Integrative Management Solutions
Content Creation, Website Design + Development


Dr. Drena Valentine initially reached out to several marketing firms seeking help to align her business messaging. She went through three website changes before contacting Stratos, but none of the other firms were able to capture her personality. Integrative Management Solutions struggled to find consistent messaging and its brand was lacking a clear position.


Dr. Valentine's website had all the right bones but needed a little messaging magic. The Stratos team got to work rewriting her website copy using the StoryBrand framework, positioning potential customers as the hero and Dr. Valentine as their guide. Once the messaging better matched the business, we were able to design a website that captured Dr. Valentine's personality while speaking to her customers’ pain points. After her website was complete, Dr. Valentine wanted help creating consistent messaging on her LinkedIn pages. We were able to partner with Dr. Valentine to create 8 posts per month, which are split between her personal and business LinkedIn pages. Each post is curated to fit one of these two pages so that she can grow both her personal brand image and her business simultaneously.


The final website product was above and beyond what Dr. Valentine expected. She has continued to share her excitement with us and has expressed that she can't wait to tell everyone that Integrative Management Solutions has a new look. Dr. Valentine now has a website she is proud of, that represents her personality, and that will position her as the guide to potential clients. She's also among the top-growing LinkedIn accounts in her field and has an engagement rate of 66%! Her LinkedIn accounts are reaching the right people and positioning her as their guide.

"Rarely is one comfortable doing a brain dump and asking a consultant to make sense of what the client wants to confer in its messaging. After providing Stratos with all the information they asked for, I asked the marketing team to refresh my website to reflect my personality while capturing the pain points of my clients. The team did exactly what I asked for, plus other things that I couldn't have imagined but they knew I needed. If I could, I would give out their business cards along with mine to refer their work. Thank you, Stratos!"
- Dr. Drena Valentine

Owner, Integrative Management Solutions, LLC