Destination Zero
Content Creation


Fond du Lac’s Destination Zero program created a virtual and printable tool that would help people identify if they (or a loved one) were experiencing suicidal ideation. The tool then provided information about organizations that would be able to help. However, the Destination Zero team wasn’t sure how to best propagate the information throughout the community and didn’t have extra time to figure it out amidst all the other projects they were working on.


In order to reach the maximum number of Fond du Lac county residents, we created two campaigns: one for the organizations listed on the tool and the other for the general public. We created an email and social media posts that Destination Zero used to share the information. We also distributed it to the organizations listed on the tool so they could do the same. After the initial campaign emails were sent out, we continued to create regular social media posts and monthly emails that supported the Destination Zero mission.


Destination Zero’s initial campaign to share information and resources about the tool was sent to over 600 cold emails.

The average open rates for these campaigns hovered around 27% and produced a click rate of 5.5%. With industry email open rates of 25% and click rates of 2.6%, the campaigns produced excellent results.

In the following months, we continued to produce monthly email and social media content. During the first quarter of 2020, the average open rate for Destination Zero emails was 34.7%.

The social media content produced in the first quarter of 2020 received 31,000 in impressions. Each post received an average of 5.2 engagements – a 55% increase on previous quarters.

Our experience with Julia Block and our social media manager Ryann has been great. They’ve been super responsive from the very beginning. They worked to understand our mission and developed a plan for curating our newsletters and social media posts that allows for needed flexibility but also keeps us on schedule. We are extremely happy with the results!
Tammi Kohlman

Destination Zero Coordinator, CSI Fond du Lac