ADIO Chiropractic
Website Design + Development


Dr. Eric Kurzinski from ADIO chiropractic approached Stratos because he wanted a website that was customized to his practice’s needs. He had been using a website template from a previous agency but found that it didn’t have the flexibility and voice he wanted.


Together, we worked through ADIO’s core messaging and created a story that would connect with his audience. Using the ADIO brand story, our team created the copy and the design that gave potential patients a picture of what they might experience in the office. We supplied the ADIO team with tutorials so they can update their new website when they need to.


Now Dr. Eric Kurzinski has a custom website that speaks specifically to his audience: moms and their little ones. When visiting the website, they know exactly what ADIO offers, how it will improve their lives, and how they can get it. He and his team can update photos, copy, and events on their own when needed.

ADIO's website is one of my favorite projects to date! Their gorgeous light colors were so fun to create with as we built a family-friendly and professional landing space for their business. I also really enjoyed seeing the custom photography they sent us and getting to incorporate that throughout the site.
Savannah Guthrie

Web Designer, Stratos Creative Marketing