Email Marketing

Nurture the leads you have right in their inbox

Tired of coming up with content to email your community every week or month?

Or maybe you’re not emailing them but you know you should? Or maybe you don’t even have a list but you think you need one? With email marketing, you’re guaranteed to land in their email inbox.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nurture your leads so they become customers.

A well-nurtured email list can make you money.

By growing and caring for your email list, you will stay at the top of your leads’ and customers’ minds.

Good Email marketing can:

 Serve your clients with regular content

 Promote your services and products

 Remind your clients of your expertise

 Invite your customers to work with you

At just the right time, an email you send will land in their inbox… And they’ll remember they wanted to work with you.

At just the right time, an email you send will land in their inbox… And They’ll Remember they wanted to work with you.

Whether weekly or monthly, a personalized email from you and your business can remind your customer that you are ready to work with them.

Your email marketing strategy includes:

Scannable Layouts

Not everyone in your audience will have time to read your emails. We’ll format them in a way that people can scan them and read the most important parts.

Engaging Content

Whether you supply us with the content or we create it for you, we’ll tailor the material to your audience so they are excited to open your emails.

Monthly Reporting

Each month we will supply you with a report so you can understand your email marketing stats. We’ll optimize your strategy based on the stats.

Each of our clients’ emails are customized to their business and what their audience’s interests are.

Our goal is to grow your relationship with your leads and customers so that your business stays at the top-of-mind.


Ready to off-load your email marketing?

Schedule your initial consultation. We’ll discuss what your audience wants to hear from you.

We’ll create a draft of your new email template so you can preview what your leads will see.

Rest assured that your email list is receiving regular content while you focus on the things only you can do.

Struggling to create new content for your emails?


Our experience with Julia Block and our content manager Ryann has been great. They’ve been super responsive from the very beginning. They worked to understand our mission and developed a plan for curating our newsletters and social media posts that allows for needed flexibility but also keeps us on schedule. We are extremely happy with the results!

Tammi Kohlmann

Destination Zero CSI Fond du Lac

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