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A collection of lead generator templates and tools designed to help you create a complete lead generation strategy, attract your ideal audience, and grow your business

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A lead generator is a simple, effective “must-have” in your marketing arsenal

Whether you run a professional service company, have a personal brand, or operate any kind of small business, you need marketing to deliver results. Enter a lead generator.

It’s a key component of your sales funnel that offers value in exchange for an email address.

A tried and true approach you can trust

Lead generators, when done right, work because they’re based on the premise of adding value first.
Curious how to build an effective lead generator that converts?

  • Brainstorm the burning questions that keep your customers up at night.

  • Select the topic you know your audience cares about.

  • Write out your best solutions, tips, or best practices connected to that problem.

  • Create a professionally-designed PDF in the form of a checklist or guide that houses that content. 

  • Give that resource away for free on your website in exchange for an email address. 

  • Build a relationship in their inbox based on value until the time is right to ask for the sale. 


The Creators of
Lead Generator Templates.

This social media package was created by two veteran StoryBrand Guides who specialize in offering white label social media, copywriting, and website design services. Bottom line: We created this collection of done-for-you social media posts and resources so you wouldn’t have to.

Evan Cox

Evan Cox Consulting

Becoming StoryBrand Certified in 2019 added rocket fuel to my business. This growth helped me define what I offer and bring results for guides and clients alike, but it also reinforced the importance of making my own marketing a priority. It’s why I write email sequences for marketers and business owners alike and it’s also why I teamed up with Julia, a seasoned social media pro and one of my favorite white label partners, to create this resource for the entire StoryBrand community.

Julia Block Pearson

Stratos Creative Marketing

At the time I became StoryBrand certified in February 2019, there were very few guides who were using the framework in their client’s social media accounts. Our team had to figure out how to marry the social media best practices with the StoryBrand narrative. Once we did, we saw tremendous success in our clients’ social growth.

Even though we could see our clients’ success, it took us a minute to practice what we preach! I felt guilty for selling something I wasn’t valuing for myself. If you’re feeling the same way, this is a perfect solution. Show your expertise while showing up in your clients’ feeds!


This package Is perfect for…

    • Busy business owners who don’t have time to create a lead generator from scratch
    • Copywriters who aren’t designers, but still need their lead generators to look good
    • Marketers who want battle-tested templates that have held up across many industries and topics
    • Business leaders who’ve bought into the power of StoryBrand, or a sales funnel, but need help getting there.

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Select Your Template

We have 3 done-for-you lead generator templates (checklist, short guide, ultimate guide) and resources to help you create a perfect download.


Finalize and Launch Your
Lead Generator

After you’ve picked which style of lead generator you want to use, pop in your text and trade out the colors for your branding. It’s that simple!


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Share your lead generator everywhere – your website, your social media, at conferences, etc. The leads will roll in!

Our goal was to increase our email marketing list in MailChimp so that we could market a budgeting app. In about 2.5 years, Stratos increased our email list from 400 to 2,300.

Brad Tinnon

B.E.S.T. Wealth Management

Tried and true templates you can trust


This lead generator is a template for businesses who want to deliver quick tips and actionable insights. 

  • Simplify a chronological process.
  • Get readers quick wins that build trust.
  • Compress your expertise into steps they can execute.

21 Books You Need for Your Child with Big Feelings
Your Year-End Fundraising Checklist


The Short Guide

This lead generator is template for brands who want to expound on an important topic that will save readers time, energy, and money.

  • Connect your solution to their problem. 
  • Position yourself as a trusted thought leader. 
  • Dive a little deeper and unpack an important topic.

3 Ways to Save Money on Family Trips
5 Mistakes to Avoid when Training your New Puppy


The Ultimate Guide

This lead generator is template for leaders who want to provide a comprehensive answer to an important challenge.

  • Expound on a proven process that’s bound to get them results. 
  • Add the kind of value that blows them away from start to finish. 
  • Take readers step-by-step through a solution to their most important challenges.

The Ultimate Guide to Utah’s National Parks
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Workout Routine


We’ve worked with more than 150+ brands

These lead generators are fine-tuned to add value, get new emails on your list, and build your business.

Get your lead generator now and snag these bonuses

  • A landing page template to promote your newly-minted lead generator
  • An ad copy template designed to help you advertise this offer
  • Organic social posts to share this resource with followers
  • Customizable graphics to help with your promotions
  • The email template you need to deliver your checklist or guide every time someone requests a copy 
  • A free “how to” lead generator strategy guide

    FAQs That Give You The 4-1-1

    (cause we all have a few questions before we buy anything these days…)

    What’s a lead generator?

    A lead generator is simply a valuable resource, in this case a professional PDF, that you place on your website with an opt in. In exchange for an email address, readers who aren’t quite ready to buy receive valuable insights—and you receive their email to thoughtfully nurture until they’re ready to do business with you.

    Are you sure a lead generator will work for my industry?

    Yes! The key here is not if a lead generator is an effective strategy, but deciding what format and topic will resonate with your readers. We’ve seen success using this strategy with speakers, personal brands, roofers, contractors, nonprofits, and many other brands. That’s why we offer 3 proven templates, so you can choose an approach that works for you and your audience.

    Is this ready to go or will I have to put a ton of time into customizing it?

    Great question! The template is ready to launch as soon as you add your words and swap out for industry-relevant photos. We intentionally built these templates in Canva so that everyone can easily update the content as many times as needed. And if you get stuck, reach out to us. We love polishing up lead generators if you want us to handle the copywriting (words) and design.

    I love the idea, but I think I still need a little more help…

    Ah, yes. We thought a lot about this question.
    If you love the Checklist or Short Guide templates* and want our expertise writing the words and polishing up the design, here’s how it works:

    • We’ll schedule a 60 minute kick off call to finalize the topic, title, and insights to include. 
    • We’ll write the copy and customize the template so it’s ready to go. 
    • We’ll ensure you’re set up to add everything to your email platform, include on your website. You’ll be ready to run ads when the time is right. 

    This package costs $495. Book your kick off call.

    *If you want help creating an Ultimate Guide, let us know and we can create a custom quote for you.

      You could probably google
      your way through this…

      but you’ve got a business to run.

      Opportunity cost is real. No entrepreneur or business owner has time to do it all. By the time you write the words, fine-tune the design, and set everything up, you’ve likely lost out on something else that also deserves your attention. 

      These templates take the guesswork out of getting a lead generator that delivers emails, builds your list, and grows your bottom line. 

      We’re here to take this off your plate and get your pipeline flowing with qualified leads.