Mayner Leadership
Website Design + Development


Desi Mayner of Mayner Leadership came to us with a functional website, but he didn't feel that it fully represented his business. While Mayner Leadership goes deep into your operation to uncover what’s holding your team back, their website seemed to only scratch the surface of the services they provide. Desi felt that the business had outgrown the website and they needed something that better showcased their brand.


Stratos worked with the Mayner Leadership team to fully understand what makes their business and services unique. As we got to know Desi and his business, we were able to uncover what made Mayner Leadership not only unique, but successful: they skip the advice and ideas and get right to work. We knew they needed a website that communicated their get-to-it mentality.


Now, the Mayner Leadership team has a website that guides potential customers into working with them. The new website showcases clear calls to action, making it simple how to do business with Mayner Leadership. Because Mayner Leadership is all about "getting things done" when it comes to business, we made sure to eliminate any unnecessary elements from the copy, design, and user experience, leaving Mayner Leadership with a website that accurately represents its brand.

My specific problem was that my website was NOT at all how I wanted it to look and function, which made me frustrated and feeling as if we were being misrepresented as a company. Stratos fully designed my website from start to finish, including all of the fancy tech functionality that makes everything so user-friendly. The results are fantastic, even better than I envisioned. They did an amazing job getting to know me and my brand and did a fantastic job executing the vision that I had laid out. I would strongly recommend Stratos Creative Marketing to anyone experiencing these same problems. You and your brand will feel transformed!
Desi Mayner

CEO, Mayner Leadership