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The Benefits and Deliverables
of a Private StoryBrand Workshop

Teams who participate in a private StoryBrand workshop will walk away with tangible and intangible benefits. Ultimately, your team will learn a proven framework that will align them around a story they can tell everyone.

Workbooks for each participant to brainstorm in
A clear and concise StoryBranded message
Confidence that you’ve done it correctly
A message your team and customers will remember
A framework you can use over and over again
A shared vision for your team

Are your customers confused about your messaging?

Does your marketing tell a story (well)?

Are you struggling to get your team on the same page?

Has your business grown quickly but your messaging lagged behind?

Have you clarified what differentiates you from your competitors?

Does your team talk about your business the way you want them to?

Your business should have a message that your team knows, understands and shares with the world.

When your message has that kind of power

Your entire team becomes your sales force.

You’ll have a cohesive message to use in all your marketing.

Your revenue will increase.

You’ll connect with your customers.

Your team will feel unified and employee retention rates will rise.

Let’s align your team together

As a third-year StoryBrand Certified Guide, Julia Block Pearson has experienced the power of the StoryBrand framework within her own marketing agency, Stratos Creative Marketing, and within numerous client businesses.

During the multi-day workshop, Julia will walk your team through the process to distill your business’s core messages. While this process will most impact your marketing and sales departments, your whole team will benefit from understanding how their work aligns with your overall strategy. 

With a background in facilitating workshops, Julia will help navigate any sticky situations your team may be experiencing so all can feel confident in your messaging. That confidence will be the key to aligning your team and marketing. 

what others are saying about the workshop

The best business decision I’ve made yet! The reason I love the [StoryBrand Workshop] is that it helps clarify your entire business message and gives you the marketing that you need for your entire sales funnel. The best part about it is the live coaching and that one-to-one experience you get. If you want to clarify your message and attract your customers, you can’t afford to not experience this.

Jamieson Mellor

Health Hawk

I was working so hard to get our organization off the ground and, no matter how much content we were pumping out, it just didn’t seem like it was resonating with anyone. [The StoryBrand process] allowed me to articulate my vision in a way that resonated with someone who was listening. Since taking the workshop, we’ve been able to get a lot more traction. I’m now using the model every time we do a new project.

Lisa Liguori

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3. Workshop your message

Together, we’ll distill your core messages so your team can rally behind them.

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